Optical and Photonics Engineering

Optical and Photonics Engineering

The Department of Engineering has a growing and diverse research group focussed on the development of new optical devices for applications in medicine, industry, science and defence. The group has interests in: High power near-infrared fibre lasers, Highly efficient and high brightness sources of mid-infrared light and linear and nonlinear guided wave optics and applications. Find out more about Optical and Photonics Engineering and Guided Wave Optics and Photonics Research

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Hot Topics

  • Terahertz technology, systems and applications
  • High power fibre lasers
  • High power diode-pumped mid-infrared fibre lasers
  • Microwave photonics
  • Microstructured polymer waveguides
  • Multiwavelength lasers

Recent Achievements

  • A/Prof Stuart Jackson in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Adelaide have published work in Optics Letters reporting the demonstration of a fibre laser with the widest tuning range ever reported. The laser emitted light in the mid-infrared and was produced at a high efficiency. In future experiments it will be used for high discrimination gas sensing experiments. A link to the media report from the Optical Society of America can be found here: https://www.osapublishing.org/spotlight/summary.cfm?id=338703
  • PhD student Mathew Majewski and A/Prof Stuart Jackson have recently demonstrated a mid-infrared fibre laser with the highest efficiency yet reported. The fibre laser employed a novel lanthanide ion (dysprosium) and operated with a slope efficiency of 51%. The laser emission was measured between 3.04 um and 3.26 um.


PhotoMembers Research Areas

Associate Professor Stuart Jackson

Stuart Jackson
Associate Professor
Full Profile
  • High power fibre lasers for medical application
  • High power diode-pumped mid-infrared fibre lasers

Professor Graham Town

Graham Town
Full Profile
  • Optical filter design
  • Optical telecommunications and sensing
  • Linear and nonlinear guided wave optics and photonics
  • Microstructured optical fibre design and applications
  • Optical fibre lasers
  • Radio over fibre systems
  • Terahertz technology and applications
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