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November 2010

Biographical profile of Major Robert O'Neill (56th Regiment of Foot) Lachlan Macquarie's 1807 travelling companion in Iraq, Persia and Russia.

Transcript from the Asiatic Annual Register for the Year 1808. Vol. X [publ. 1811] describing part of Macquarie's journey through Persia (Iran) in 1807.

March 2010

Transcript from the Sydney Gazette for 2 January 1819 commending Lieutenant John Cliffe Watts for his services to the colony.

January 2010

A selection of 8 images of Bombay in the 1790's from the Peter Anker Collection held in the Kulturhistorisk Museum at the University of Oslo, Norway. These views of Western India were executed by the noted Scottish artist James Wales (1747-1795). A biograpical profile is also included examining the possible links between Wales and Lachlan Macquarie.

Biographical profiles of Lachlan Macquarie's 1807 travelling companions in Iraq, Persia (Iran), and Russia: Lieutenant George W. Brande and Assistant-Surgeon William Thomas.

Revised biographical profiles of the Macquaries' servants: John Moore (c.1796-1877) and Nancy Moore (c.1799-1871).

December 2009

Completion of transcripts of Lachlan Macquarie's Journal for January-April and July-December 1821 and January-February 1822.

September 2009

Full-text of an anonymous poem published in the Sydney Gazette on 18 November 1823.

Full-text of the poem entitled 'On the Death of Maj. Gen. Macquarie, The Late Much Lamented Governor of Australia.' composed by Charles Tomson (1807-1883). Published in Sydney in 1826.

August 2009

Full-text of the 443-word poem 'Australasia' composed by William Charles Wentworth (1790-1872). Published in London in 1823, with a Dedication to former governor Lachlan Macquarie. This is the first book of verse by a native-born Australian poet.

March 2009

Biographical profile: John Maclaine (c1792-1818) - cousin of Lachlan Macquarie and nephew of Elizabeth Macquarie.

February 2009

Transcript from the Sydney Gazette for 1 June 1811 announcing the establishment of the Castle Hill Lunatic Asylum.

January 2009

Complete transcripts of Lachlan Macquarie's journal of his European tour between 30 November 1822 and 29 July 1823. The travelling party included Elizabeth Macquarie, Lachlan Jnr, Robert Meiklejohn, (tutor to Lachlan Jnr.), Fanny (maidservant to Mrs. Macquarie), and 'George Jarvis', Macquarie's Indian-born manservant. Countries visited: France, Italy and Switzerland.

Transcript from the Sydney Gazette for 23 February 1811

Transcripts from the Sydney Gazette in January 1818 describing the celebrations for Queen Charlotte's birthday on 18 January, and the first official celebration of Australia Day on 26 January.

December 2008

New MAPS section indicating some of the places and geographic regions visited by Lachlan Macquarie — and described in his writings.

Transcript from the Caledonian Mercury for 10 November 1851 describing the proceedings and outcome of the High Court trial in Edinburgh on 3-7 November 1851 challenging the validity of the last Will and Testament of Lachlan Macquarie Jnr. [who died in May 1845].

Transcript of the last surviving letter in Elizabeth Macquarie's handwriting 9 January 1835

Transcript of a letter describing the death of Elizabeth Macquarie on 11 March 1835

Transcript from the Sydney Herald for 14 May 1832

Transcripts from the Sydney Gazette for 4 January 1817 and 1 November 1817 detailing the publication and later controversy surrounding the 'Philo Free' letter in which the reputation of the Reverend Samuel Marsden was impuned.

Transcripts from the Sydney Gazette for 4 February 1815 and 28 October 1824.

November 2008

New ARTEFACT section describing the 1807 sword belonging to Lachlan Macquarie.

New ARTEFACT section describing a set of gold pendant earrings attributed to Elizabeth Macquarie.

Latest LEMA partners: the National Museum of Australia and the National Library of Australia.

Transcripts from the Sydney Gazette for 21 May 1814, and 3 January 1818

October 2008

Complete transcripts of two journal accounts written by Henry Colden Antill (1779-1852): his voyage to Australia on board the Dromedary in 1809, and his crossing of the Blue Mountains in 1815.

Transcripts from the Sydney Gazette in 1821, 1822 and 1824

September 2008

Biographical profile of the military officer and artist: George Hutchins Bellasis (1778-1822).

Biographical profile of the artist: William Daniell (1769-1837).

New GALLERY section for the island of St. Helena.

Transcripts from Macquarie's Letterbook; extracts from the 1809, 1810, 1813, 1818, and 1820 Sydney Gazette; and the 1814 Coronial Inquest into the death the infant, Charles Thomas.

August 2008

Biographical profile of Daniel Moowattin (c.1791-1816).

Biographical profile of the military officer and artist:
James Taylor (c.1783-1829).

Transcripts from the 1814 and 1816 Sydney Gazette.

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