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Journals & Memoranda

Lachlan & Elizabeth Macquarie both kept accounts of their experiences in 1809. At various points during their voyage to Australia their entries overlap and complement each other; however, for some of the key events, both prior to their departure, as well as during the voyage, there is only one description or account.

The 1809 manuscript in Lachlan's hand is not in the form of a journal, but rather is a series of memoranda prepared as an aide memoire - perhaps with the intention of writing it out more formally in the future. This was the the pattern he adopted for many of his earlier writings in India. On the other hand, Elizabeth Macquarie's account is a personal and private diary of events. It resonates with keen observations, curiosity and naive charm.

Lachlan Macquarie: 1809 Memoranda & Letters

Elizabeth Macquarie: 1809 Diary

Additional surviving accounts of the voyage to Australia in 1809 on board the Dromedary include the journal written by:
Captain Henry Colden Antill
[73rd Regiment of Foot].

Newspaper Accounts

Sydney Gazette
Description of the arrival of HMS Hindostan and HMS Dromedary at Port Jackson in December 1809.

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Antill 1809

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