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Saturday 30th. Novr. 1822.
The Health of Mrs. Macquarie having long been on the decline, and particularly so since her return to England in July last, it has been considered that a change of climate is necessary for her recovery; as well as to escape the severe winter weather of her native Country after our long residence in so temperate and excellent Climate as New South Wales; – and these reasons Co-operating with my own strong desire to vist and Travel on the Continent of Europe; we have come to the resolution of proceeding forthwith to carry this Plan into Execution, and to pass the ensuing Winter in some eligible situation in the South of France; taking Calais and Paris in our way. —

The necessary preparations having been previously made for this Journey, and two Post Chaises having been hired to convey us on our Route, as far as Dover at least; we set out from Thomas's Hotel in Berkeley's Square at Half past 3. P.M. this same Day; Mrs. M., Lachlan, and myself being in one Chaise, and Mr. Meiklejohn, the Tutor, my Servant George, and Mrs. Macquarie's maid Fanny.

We changed horses at Dartford and Rochester, and arrived at 9. P.M. at the Rose-Inn at Sittingbourne, where we stopt [sic] for this Night. —

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Journal 30 November 1822 – 7 July 1823.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A776-1 ff.1a-1b [Microfilm Reel: CY302 Frames #140-142].

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