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Tuesday 1. July 1823 !!!
Set out from Joigny at 5½ a.m. -; and passing thro' the Towns of Villevallier - and Villeneuve-le-Roi, reached the Town of Sens at 11,O'Clock, where we Breakfasted, and remained for 2½ Hours, having in that time visited the fine old Cathedral there & other parts of the Town. We then resumed our Journey - and arrived at the small Town of Villeneuve le Guiard at 7. P.M. - disc. 33¾ from Joigny; putting up at the "Hotel de la Souche" - a very good clean Inn - & civil attentive People. –

Wednesday 2. July – !!!
Set out from Villeneuve la Guaird at ½ past 7 - and arrived at 9. a.m at the Village of Fossard - disc. 5 miles. Here we halted to Breakfast at the "Hotel A la Providence". - This place is only one mile distant from the Town of Montereau and two miles from our Friends the Drummonds at their Chateau de Courbeton; both Places being in sight from where we are now Breakfasting. – Resumed our Journey at ¼ before 11. a.m., and arrived at the Town of Fountainbleau at Half past 2 P.M. disc. 20 miles from Villeneuve la Guiard; taking up our Quarters at "Hotel de la Gallere". –

I have entered into agreement with the Master of this Hotel to pay Him Thirty Six Francs per Diem (- commencing this Day -) for Diet & Lodging for myself and Family & Servants: – to furnish us with a good Dinner (with Wine Ordinaire) and a good Breakfast, dining Room, and Bed Rooms.


I have this Evening settled all accounts with my Voiturine Driver, Glaude Demilly - paying him the Balance due to his Master, Levy Cadet, for the Hire of his Voiturine & 3 Horses up to this day inclusive - and then discharging Him from my Service. – I have paid Glaude 170 Francs, as a Present to Himself (for the last Period between 13th. May and 2d. Instant of 50 days) for his good conduct and attention. –


Monday 14. July 1823 !
Having to answer Commiss. Bigge's false, vindictive, & malicious Report on N. S. Wales, I remained for this purpose at Fountainbleau for the last 12 days. – This business being now finished, and having seen the Royal Palace - Gardens &c. &c. at this Place; we set out at 7. a.m. for Chateau de Courbeton, where we arrived at ½ past 9. a.m., and were most kindly & Hospitably recd. by Lady Emily Drummond, our friend Mr. D. not being yet returned from England.

N.B. Courbeton is 15 miles distant from Fountainbleau. –

Wedy. 16. July 1823.
Having spent the last two days most pleasantly agreeably with Lady Emily Drummond and her charming family at the Chateau de Courbeton; we this morning took our leave of her & them, and set out at 10. a.m. in a common Diligence (- which we hired at Montereau -) for Paris; taking William (the eldest son) and Francis, the fourth son of Mr. & Lady Emilly Drummond, with us in the Carriage to meet their Father at Paris, where he was expected to arrive from England this Evening; – Mr. Meiklejohn, having accompanied Mr. Mills (the Tutor of Mr. Drummond's children) in another Diligence, early this morning to Paris. –

Having stopped for an Hour & a half at Melun to lunch, we arrived at Paris, at 8. P.M. and drove direct to Meurice's Hotel in Rue St. Honoré, where we found Mr. Drummond, who had only arrived there about Half an Hour before us from Calais. – Mr. Meiklejohn and Mr. Mills, had also arrived, and were waiting for us at Meurice's Hotel – where we all dined (- or rather supped -) together at 9,O'Clock. –

Thursday 17. July –
I called in the forenoon on & saw Sir Chas. Stuart. I dined this day (along with my friend Mr. Jas. Drummond & his two Boys) with Mr. & Mrs. John Drummond at No. 8 Rue de Monsieur, Lachlan making one of the Party, and also Mr. Meiklejohn. – Mrs. M remained at Home. –

Saturday 19. July –
Our friend Mr. Drummond, with his two sons & their Tutor Mr. Mills, left us after Breakfast, on their return to Courbeton to the great regret of Lachlan - who was very unwilling to part with his young friends as well as his God-father. –

Sunday 20. July
I went to hear Divine Service, this forenoon performed at the British Ambassador's Chapel, accompanied by Mr. Meiklejohn.

Monday 21. July –
We went early this morning on a visit to Versailles and Breakfasted there; after which we visited the Petit Triano [Petit Trianon] - & its Gardens; and also the Great Gardens & Orangery of the great Palace of Versailles. – We likewise visited the King's Stables and Horses at Versailles; - and then returned to Paris in the afternoon to Dinner. –

Tuesday 22. July!
We went to Breakfast - by invitation, with Baron Cuvier & his Family, at the Jardin du Plants - or King's Botannical [sic] Gardens, of which he is the Directory General - as well as a member of the King's Council. – After Breakfast the Baron and his Daughter accompanied us to the great Gallery - or Museum, and then through the Gardens and Hot Houses, and last of all to see the numerous Wild Beasts & animals & Birds collected from all Quarters of the Globe; being the finest Menagerie in the World, as well as the grandest and finest Museum in the all Europe. – We were all - but particularly Lachlan, highly gratified with these magnificent sights.

I went the same Evening to see the celebrated French Tragedian Zelma [?] perform the character of Nero, in the Tragedy of Britannicus. –

Thursday 24. July –
I this day hired a Voiture & 3 Horses belonging to Levy Cadet, to convey my Family & Baggage in 4 days from Paris to Calais, for which I have agreed to pay 280 Francs. –

Went to see the King (Louis 18th.) - and afterwards visited the Kings Apartments in the Palace of the Thuilleries. [Tuileries] –

Friday 25. July –
Took leave of Mr. Chas. Stuart the British Ambassador, Mr. Jno. Drummond &c. &c. – Saw the King again this afternoon, when going out to take his usual airing. – Visited the Pantheon, the Hospl. of Invalids, and the Ecole Militaire. –

Saturday 26. July !!!
Set out from Paris for Calais at ½ past 6. a.m.

Saty. 26. July 1823!
Left Paris at ½ past 6. a.m.

Breakfast at Beaumont.

Sleep at Beauvais –

Friday 27. July
Breakfast at Granvilliers

Sleep at Airaines.

Monday 28. July
Breakfast at Abbeville

Sleep at Montreuille

Tuesday 29. July
Breakfast at Boulogne

Sleep at Calais; putting up Dessin's Hotel. – The distance from Paris to Calais – pr. Post Book is 32 Posts - or 160 miles - which we have performed in 4 Days; having arrived at Calais at ¼ before 8. P.M. on Tuesday. –

MACQUARIE, Lachlan. Journal. 30 November 1822 - 7 July 1823.
Original held in Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref. A776-1 pp.72b-76a [Microfilm CY Reel 302 #Frames 283-290].

Memo! – Chateau de Courbeton 14 July 1823.
Mr. & Lady Emily Drummond; with their two Children Mariann and James - visited the undermentioned Places on the Continent and returned to England again within 5 month's [sic?] – vizt. – 1 St. Amens – 2 Lisle – 3 Brussels – 4 Antwerp – 5 Cologn [sic] – 6 Mayence – 7 Hidelberg [sic] – 8 Stutguard [sic] – 9 Darnstadt – 10 Ulme – 11 Augsburg – 12 Mittenwisden – 13 Inspruch [sic] – 14 The Tyrole – 15 Trent – 16 Verona, 17 Padua – 18 Venice – 19 Verona – 20 Milan – 21 The Simplon – 22 Brigue – 23 Sion – 24 Lausanne – 25 Vevay – 26 Geneva – 27 Chamouni & Glaciers – 28 Nisme – 29 Lyons, Avignon (- Aix & Marseilles previously -) – Paris. –

MACQUARIE, Lachlan. Memoranda & Related Papers. 22 December 1808 - 14 July 1823.
Original held in Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref. A772 p.201 [Microfilm CY Reel 301 #Frame 213].

Memorandums !
Left Paris on 21. Decr. 1822
Left Hyeres on 10. March 1823
Left Genoa on 24 do. do.
Left Leghorn on 29. do. do.
Left Florence on 5. Apl. do. do. – first time –
Left Rome on 15. do. do. 1st. time –
Left Naples on 28. do. do.
Left Rome on 15. May do. – 2d. time –
Left Florence on 26 do. do. – 2d. time –
Left Venice – on 3. June do.
Left Milan on 9. do. do.
Left Village of Simplon on 12. do. do.
Left Geneva on – on 20. do. do.
Arrived at Fountainbleau on 2. July 1823 !

In all 2716 miles ! – Travelled in less than 7 months ! –

MACQUARIE, Lachlan. Memoranda & Related Papers. 22 December 1808 - 14 July 1823.
Original held in Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref. A772 p.197 [Microfilm CY Reel 301 #Frame 209].

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