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[Gallery: St Helena]

Lachlan Macquarie visited St Helena
briefly between 24-27 March 1803
during his return voyage to Britain
on board the Sir Edward Hughes,
East Indiaman.

Transcription from:
Views of St. Helena
by George Hutchins Bellasis
London: John Tyler, 1815.

[St Helena, taken from Sea.]
St Helena, taken from Sea.
[The Roads, St Helena.]
The Roads, St Helena.
[Scene taken from the Castle Terrace.]
Scene taken from the Castle Terrace.
[Plantation House, the Country Residence of the Governor.]
Plantation House, the Country Residence of the Governor.
[The Friar Rock in Friar's Valley.]
The Friar Rock in Friar's Valley.
[The Column Lot, Fairy Land, Sandy Bay.]
The Column Lot, Fairy Land, Sandy Bay.

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