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[also 'Mow-watty', 'Moowatting' or 'Dan']

Aboriginal guide.
Born in the Parramatta district, NSW. 'Adopted' as an infant by Richard Partridge (alias 'Rice', the colonial hangman) and later became a bush guide, assistant, and servant to the botanist, George Caley (1770-1829). Travelled to Norfolk Island and Van Diemen's Land in 1805 with Caley, and later accompanied him to Britain in 1810 on board HMS Hindostan, and became the third Australian Aborigine known to have visited England after Bennelong and Yemmerrawanne in 1793.

Daniel returned to Sydney in May 1812 with the settler George Suttor (1774-1859). He was employed as a labourer at the farm of William Bellamy at Pennant Hills. On 28 September 1816 he was found guilty of the rape and robbery of Hannah Russell on 6 August 1816 and sentenced to death. He was executed by hanging on 1 November 1816.

Moowattin became the first Aborigine to be legally executed in Australia.

See: transcript of the trial in Sydney Gazette 28 September 1816.

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