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Servant to the Macquaries.

Husband of Ann ('Nancy') nee Flaherty (c.1798-1871) whom he married at St. Philips, Sydney on 5 August 1817. On the marriage register his age is listed as 21, and that of his wife, Ann, as 19 years of age.

John and Nancy Moore accompanied the Macquaries on their voyage to England in 1822 on board the Surry. At some time after their arrival in July 1822 they appear to have travelled to Scotland and inspected Macquarie's 'Jarvisfield' Estate on the Isle of Mull. In a letter addressed to Charles Whalan 18 August 1823 Elizabeth Macquarie wrote:

"In a fortnight we expect to take our leave of London, when we take up our quarters in Mull, where we have given orders to have the very small and bad house (which John and Nancy Moore will describe to you) cleaned & made as comfortable as it will admit of..."

The Moores returned to Sydney on board the Mary on 19 October 1823.

By 1825 John Moore had established himself as a victualler at Parramatta. Five years later, on 15 June 1830 he applied for a publican's licence for the 'Lord Wellington' hotel at Church Street, Parramatta. It was issued to him on 22 July 1830 for a cost of £25.00.

John Moore owned a farm named 'Lachlan-Valley' in the Minto district, near Liverpool (adjoining the farm of Richard Brooks: 'Denham Court").

John Moore died at Phillip Street, Parramatta on 18 February 1877, aged 82, and was buried in St John's Cemetery, Parramatta, along with his wife Nancy who predeceased him by six (6) years, and his son John Jnr. who died on 25 May 1856, and his daughter Ann who died in c.1859.

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Personal Communications:
Carol Brill, Melbourne [2009-2010]
Alison Meldrum, Sydney [2010]

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