Chapter 5 exercises

Chapter 5 exercises

Felicity Cox

Cambridge University Press, 2012.

Exercise 5A

1.    2.   
a. plane a. pilot
b. palm b. splice
c. tank c. green
d. scream d. Clapham
e. collapse e. packed
f. aplomb f. walked
3.    4.   
a. sweep a. locked
b. thirteen b. missionary
c. decrepit c. cart
d. prolong d. twenty
e. complain e. compactor
f. tweak f. colour

Exercise 5B

1.    2.   
a. flaunt a. sled
b. appraise b. zippers
c. password c. splash
d. breathe d. splurge
e. flapped e. tissues
f. approve f. jogged
3.    4.   
a. strain a. jagged
b. flowers b. strobe
c. flame c. shriek
d. slabs d. thrill
e. rapid e. crowd
f. explode f. coloured

Exercise 5C

1.    2.   
a. escape a. tremendous
b. cry b. queue
c. quick c. stretch
d. drastic d. give
e. cork e. unruly
f. innuendo f. attrition
g. keen g. outrigger
h. infantile h. symphony
i. communion i. hiatus
j. skewed j. letter
k. thirty k. injure
l. canyon l. enrich
3.    4.   
a. invertebrate a. emphasis
b. breadth b. spaniel
c. canvas c. triumvirate
d. unrelenting d. engine
e. width e. trip
f. triumph f. candid
g. inroad g. companion
h. junior h. Spaniard
i. unrest i. lymph
j. ensure j. cutlass
k. argue k. antler
l. lightning l. burrito

Exercise 5D

1.    2.   
a. lonely a. flatten
b. simple b. rotten
c. rattle c. fallacy
d. lamp d. promotion
e. candle e. Armidale
f. pillion f. pattern
g. cousin g. forbidden
h. buttoning h. Latin
i. ample i. ladle
3.    4.   
a. fold a. melt
b. handle b. whirlpool
c. lovely c. assimilation
d. silken d. middle
e. health e. fanatical
f. cuddle f. alliterate
g. Seattle g. melancholy
h. settler h. Scotland
i. fountain i. world

Exercise 5E

See words from 4I and 4J.

Exercise 5F

a. If it does miss it goes straight into the ditch.
b. This games all about confidence.
c. But the story goes, from way back, that when you get black cockies in the sky, if there’s four of them coming from the south, you get four days rain from the south.
d. I’ve never seen so many bats myself.
e. One I could hand feed.
f. But he waits and when they’ve gone he’ll come back.
g. But the kangaroos they come into the school grounds, and I’m talking big kangaroos, and the kids don’t take any notice.
h. If they encountered kangaroos they were to stop, drop down, and let the kangaroos go past.
i. Lorikeets are the worst because they take over.
j. The empty shells are all in a little heap.
k. Yep that’s right so you went down and went straight across.
l. Tomorrow at school we get out laptops. We’re supposed to use it for schoolwork but I’ll probably play games.
m. So you’re on the left hand side of the millionaire’s castle.
n. The finish lines like really close to that so on the left hand side of adventure playground um probably a centimetre out and then a centimetre up is where the finish is.
o. Alright so we’re starting in the left top hand corner and you come down past the sheers cliffs.
p. You take a bit of a turn to the left and around.
q. Just next to where it says ‘Spruce Trees’ you’ll do a, like a, semicircle to the right and then go back in.

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