Magnet Dissection

Magnet Dissection

End of an Era

On Friday 12 August 2016 we said goodbye to Echo, our Oxford Instruments 400 MHz Superconducting Magnet, to make way for her successor, Jones.  The controlled quench that was a necessary part of proceedings was recorded, and the video can be seen below (this also gives some insight into the huge changes to the Facility post-refurbishment).

Instead of relegating such a magnificent piece of engineering to the scrapheap, it was decided that Echo would be transformed into an invaluable teaching aid for students, staff and visitors to Macquarie University. 

To that end, after being quenched Echo was relocated to the Macquarie Engineering and Technical Services (METS) workshop, where Sam Borg began the painstaking process of stripping back the cryostat layers to reveal the internal structure (for those who are interested, progress was documented in a blog).  Once the dissection was completed, Sam began crafting a beautiful Perspex display case that would house Echo in the F7B foyer.  The height (and consequently the weight) of this case made construction quite challenging.  Finally, the finishing touches were provided by Dave Frame in the form of labels and a glowing plaque to commemorate Echo's life.

Dissected 400 MHz Superconducting Magnet

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