Alumni volunteering
Alumni volunteers in Hong Kong


Alumni volunteering

, / October 1, 2015

Volunteering is about more than helping out: it helps build social capital and makes not only those being helped feel good, but has multiple benefits for the volunteers as well.

It helps build friendships that transcend race, ethnicity or income to link dissimilar people and build networks of trust and reciprocity.

Macquarie is fortunate to have many among our alumni community who want to do more than keep their university experience alive through volunteering at alumni events: they want to help make real change in the lives of others through their actions.

Read their stories

Florence Huen (MMgt, 2010, MBA, 2011) – Hong Kong

Eric Lee (BAF/BComm (Acctg), 2009) – Hong Kong

Jerry Zhou (MMgt, 2007) – Beijing


Comments (8)

    1. Martine Balit Post author

      Hi Cynthia,

      Thank you for your interest in wanting to become an alumni volunteer. Could you please let me know what city you are currently living in? I can then let you know the next steps.



  1. Feng

    Hey there, I’m interested in how to become an Alumni volunteer. Now i’m living in Fuzhou,Fujian,China, That would be good if I can do sth good for this society. Please guiding me through email. Thank you!


    I am interested in Macquarie Volunteering – would you be able to send me some information regarding the organisations / groups with whom you are affiliated for voluntary work
    Thanks so much

  3. Martine Balit Post author

    Thank you all for your interest in wanting to become alumni volunteers. Please email with the following details, and we will be able to direct your enqiury.

    Full name at graduation
    Current city

    Kind regards


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