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 Home away from home

Home away from home

There’s an energy and genuine collegiality that comes with being part of the MQ alumni community. And now that the worst of restrictions and lockdowns are over, many alumni are enjoying reconnecting, both in Australia and overseas. Andrew Han (FCPA), Director of Business Research at Fireblocks and MQ Bachelor of Economics (1995) graduate, recently took part in alumni events in Singapore, dee...

Transforming hearing health

Making space for kindness

Transforming hearing health
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Transforming hearing health

Never have we been so aware of the importance of our hearing and the long-term impact on our overall health. Macquarie donors and alumni recently visited the Australian Hearing Hub in Macquarie University to better understand the multi-disciplinary research and developments in hearing, along with how we can take steps to improve the quality of life of our community. On 7 July alumni were we...

Macquarie University ranks 195 in the world

A season of beginnings and endings


Social good starts with your home

There’s an assumption that to do good in the world, you have to be in the helping pr...

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 Reconciliation at Wallumattagal Campus
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Reconciliation at Wallumattagal Campus

On the occasion of National Reconciliation Week, please acknowledge and celebrate with me Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture at Macquarie University. At Macquarie we are committed to reconciliation between Australia’s First Nations peoples and those who came after them. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people make an important contribution to our University. It...

New Executive Dean appointed for the Faculty of Science and Engineering

Professor Rorden Wilkinson joins Macquarie University as Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

 Two year study shows living seawalls promote regeneration in Sydney Harbour
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Two year study shows living seawalls promote regeneration in Sydney Harbour

Solid evidence is now available to support the value of the Living Seawalls project to marine environments that have been affected by construction. Newly published research on the world-leading Living Seawalls marine science initiative has produced solid evidence for the environmental benefits of these installations, based on extensive data collected over two years of monitoring and...

Unique telescope to help determine the fate of the Milky Way

Please explain: What’s so scary about the honeybee Varroa mite?


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