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 Alumni speed networking sparks inspiration

Alumni speed networking sparks inspiration

Recently graduated, or a few years on, have you ever wanted to sit down with someone further along their career path? Someone who’s racked up some career accomplishments, knows what it’s like to be in your early-career shoes and genuinely wants to share their wisdom? So many questions, right? Well, on 25 October, with support from our Young Alumni Advisory Board (YAAB), around 130 alumni g...

2024 Graduate Outcome Survey (GOS) – November 2023 Round

Answering the call

Macquarie University celebrates alumni success at Macquarie Group
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Macquarie University celebrates alumni success at Macquarie Group

Almost 200 current and former Macquarie Group staff, who are also Macquarie University alumni, recently came together to celebrate the group’s remarkable achievements. Held at Macquarie Group’s Martin Place office, the event began with opening remarks from Leigh Harrison, Head of Real Assets at Macquarie Asset Management, and Vice-Chancellor Professor S Bruce Dowton. The highlight of ...

Two disciplines in Macquarie secure global top-100 rankings

World rankings boost for Macquarie University


Animal chiro whisperer

It’s been almost ten years since Valerie Teo stepped onto the Wallumattagal Campus, ...

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 Reconciliation at Wallumattagal Campus
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Reconciliation at Wallumattagal Campus

On the occasion of National Reconciliation Week, please acknowledge and celebrate with me Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture at Macquarie University. At Macquarie we are committed to reconciliation between Australia’s First Nations peoples and those who came after them. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people make an important contribution to our University. It...

New Executive Dean appointed for the Faculty of Science and Engineering

Professor Rorden Wilkinson joins Macquarie University as Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

 The common disease you may never have heard of
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The common disease you may never have heard of

Lymphoedema is not likely a disease you are very familiar with – or perhaps even heard of. But with 300,000 Australians impacted by lymphoedema at any one time, it is a condition that could impact you or someone you care about in your lifetime. The disease causes swelling in the limbs, often resulting in pain, heaviness or restricted movement. It is commonly triggered by the surgical remo...

Macquarie University leads nation in 11 research fields

Please explain: Are all types of sugar the same?


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