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 Macquarie Memories – In all probability…

Macquarie Memories – In all probability…

Professor Murray Aitkin taught at Macquarie from 1969 to 1976 as a senior lecturer in statistics in Psychology and Economics. He recently attended his grandson’s graduation at Macquarie and was invited to join the academic procession.  The emotions of the day stirred his memory and he relates an interesting anecdote about helping a student with a statistical dilemma. I was teaching stati...

From Conception to RE:Conception

The gift of reading

MGSM Global MBA attracts leaders from all over the world
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MGSM Global MBA attracts leaders from all over the world

The Macquarie Business school welcomes a new addition to the MGSM portfolio. A reimagined, fully online MBA that focuses on transferable “soft skills” - such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking and cultural competence – that have been identified by the World Economic Forum as key to the future of work in a global economy. The Global MBA has been designed to prepare profession...

Honorary Doctorate bestowed on the legendary Dr Wendy Harmer

It’s the same campus, just not as you know it


Technology, teamwork, and lot more dancing than you might expect…

Macquarie alumna Mel Blake (GradCertHis 2017, BEd 2019) first became involved in Robo...

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 Macquarie alumni feature in 2019 Australia Day honours
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Macquarie alumni feature in 2019 Australia Day honours

  Macquarie alumni were recognised for their contributions to a range of endeavours in the 2019 Australia Day Honours. Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes at UNSW, Professor Andrew J Pitman (PCEdLeadership /HE 2001) received the Officer of the Order of Australia award for distinguished service to science as a leading researcher, particularly of climate syst...

Discover ‘You to the Power of Us’ – Macquarie’s new ad campaign

Macquarie alumni feature in 2018 Australia Day honours

 Solutions for the future
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Solutions for the future

With more than 85 per cent of Australians living in the coastal zone, ensuring that innovative solutions are developed to protect and enhance the coastal ecosystems on which we depend is vital. While coral reefs and polar ecosystems often grab the media attention, it is the temperate coastal ecosystems that are of greater ecological importance in terms of the services they provide – and th...

A shared wisdom

Power and the past


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