New Fulbright scholars: Dr Michael Donovan and Callum McDiarmid

Macquarie University researchers awarded Fulbright Scholarships

20 February 2019

Two Macquarie University researchers have been announced as recipients of prestigious Fulbright Scholarships. The grants will enable the researchers to ...


Macquarie University to lead nation in synthetic biology research with $2.5m grant

20 February 2019

Research into new technologies that could pioneer breakthroughs in the biomedical and agriculture sectors has received a significant boost, with …


A polariton filter turns ordinary laser light into quantum light

19 February 2019

An international team of researchers led out of Macquarie University has demonstrated a new approach for converting ordinary laser light …

Mark Casali and Joana Correia at the ESO 50th anniversary gala e

A new leader for astronomical optics in Australia

15 February 2019

Macquarie University has appointed Dr Mark Casali as the Director of the Macquarie node of Australian Astronomical Optics (AAO-Macquarie). He …


Trees remember heatwaves

14 February 2019

An Aussie eucalypt can ‘remember’ past exposure to extreme heat, which makes the tree and its offspring better able to …

Funding new research on the international success of Australian books

8 February 2019

The Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund has partnered with the Australia Council for the Arts to support Macquarie University’s research examining …


Drug microdosing effects may not measure up to big expectations

7 February 2019

Taking very small amounts of psychedelic substances on a regular basis – called ‘microdosing’ – may improve psychological and cognitive …

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