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First ever meta-analysis on Indian lead exposure reveals link to devastating intellectual disability in children

12 October 2018

New Macquarie University research has revealed the devastating disease burden associated with elevated blood lead levels in India. The results ...


New research by Macquarie University finds one in five Australian honey samples to be adulterated

5 October 2018

While 18% of Australian honey samples were ‘adulterated’, we fare better than Europe and Asia: The new study found 28% …


Macquarie signs unique trilateral partnership

28 September 2018

Macquarie University has signed a trilateral joint PhD agreement with The University of Hamburg in Germany and Chinese Fudan University …


September graduation season commences, hon docs awarded

27 September 2018

More than 3300 graduates will receive their degrees, diplomas and certificates in Macquarie University’s September 2018 graduation series over a …

Macquarie University goes from strength to strength in Times Higher Education rankings

27 September 2018

Macquarie University has moved into the 201-250 band in the 2018/19 UK Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, announced …


Australia’s first ‘bush university’ launched in Arnhem Land

25 September 2018

Macquarie University and South-East Arnhem Land communities have partnered to establish Australia’s first ‘bush university’ at the remote outstation of …


Sparrow in a lead mine: birds adapt to life in contaminated areas

21 September 2018

A new study of house sparrows’ genes has found the first evidence of animals adapting to lead contamination in heavily …

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