Fortune favours the bold: Can behaviour explain why some animal species become invasive?

23 April 2019

A new study has found that adaptability is the key to invasive species succeeding in non-native environments. The study published ...


Autumn graduation season begins, honorary doctorates awarded

18 April 2019

Macquarie University’s autumn graduation series commenced this week, featuring the inaugural graduation for the Master of Disability Studies and several …


Building farms and towers at sea to feed and power the world

17 April 2019

As partners in the $329 million Blue Economy CRC announced in Launceston. Macquarie University engineers will develop new technologies for …


Macquarie University to link Australia’s future smart satellites

15 April 2019

As partners in the $245 million SmartSat CRC announced in Adelaide this morning. Eighty-four research and industry partners are contributing …


Inflammation linked to chemical imbalance in schizophrenia

10 April 2019

A study published in Molecular Psychiatry has identified changes in inflammation-related biochemical pathways in schizophrenia that interfere with proper brain …


Lead smelter still exposing Port Pirie children to unacceptable levels of pollution

8 April 2019

Children in Port Pirie are being exposed to the highest levels of toxic airborne lead and sulphur dioxide in Australia, …


Macquarie University demonstrates world-changing impact in inaugural research engagement and impact assessment

29 March 2019

The results announced today in the report of the Australian Research Council’s 2018 Engagement and Impact Assessment demonstrates Macquarie University’s …

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