Baby blue-tongues are born smart

16 July 2019

Australian research finds little lizards learn very quickly. Young Australian eastern blue-tongue lizards (Tiliqua scincoides) are every bit as clever as ...


Exiled moons may explain astronomical mysteries

12 July 2019

Moons ejected from orbits around gas giant exoplanets could explain several astronomical mysteries, an international team of astronomers suggests. Researchers …

Asteroid Vesta originates from a cosmic “hit-and-run” collision

4 July 2019

The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter preserves the processes of planetary formation, frozen in time. Vesta, the second largest …

A starburst shows the way home

4 July 2019

Macquarie University researcher Stuart Ryder is part of an international team of astronomers who have made a long-awaited breakthrough, pinpointing …


Hedging against climate change

4 July 2019

Globally, decision makers are increasingly acknowledging the many advantages of greening urban landscapes. Trees provide well recognised benefits to our …


Macquarie subjects in world’s top 100

27 June 2019

Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS) 2019 has ranked more than 4000 universities around the world across 54 subjects. Six …

Macquarie University ranks 33 in THE Golden Age University Rankings

26 June 2019

Macquarie University has been ranked 33 out of 100 Universities around the world in the 2019 UK Times Higher Education …

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