Macquarie University researchers show that keyhole surgeons have more than just good hands – they have highly adaptable hands.

4 June 2020

A study conducted by cognitive scientists at Macquarie University, published in Human Movement Science, found that highly experienced surgeons who ...


A Pack of Thieves: the oldest parasite-host interaction in the fossil record

4 June 2020

The earliest evidence of parasitism found in the fossil record have been unearthed by Macquarie University researchers Professor Glenn Brock …


Scanning the horizons of the Belt and Road Initiative

29 May 2020

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a project of unprecedented scale and ambition. Spanning 65 countries – with others …


Sydney Film Festival showcases Macquarie University filmmakers

27 May 2020

Two Macquarie University filmmakers will feature in the first ever virtual edition of the Sydney Film Festival, launching on 10 …


A Fraying Lifeline in a Drying Climate

26 May 2020

Research from Macquarie University has revealed a gloomy future for Australia’s river network with dramatic impacts predicted for people, industries …


Professor Ian Paulsen Elected as Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science

25 May 2020

Macquarie University Distinguished Professor Ian Paulsen has been elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science (AAS). He …

ARC Linkage Project scheme funding awarded to Macquarie University researchers

21 May 2020

Three Macquarie University research projects have been awarded a total of $915,399 in the Australian Research Council’s latest round of …

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