News and events

News and events

Macquarie University’s Research Centre for Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Astrophotonics is actively engaged in raising public awareness through debate on issues such as the loss of darkness for planetary observations and interpreting the latest breakthroughs in our understanding of the galaxy.


Dates for 2017 "Stars in Sydney" workshop have been announced:

20-21th November 2017 at Macquarie University.

Planetary speaker: Tim Bedding (USyd), Jarrod Hurley (Swinburne), Sarah Martell (UNSW), Ashley Ruiter (UNSW- ADFA), Peter Tuthill (USyd), Peter Wood (ANU), Dan Zucker (MQ).

Click here to register for the 2017 "Stars in Sydney" workshop (Registrations deadline: 3rd November 2017)

To download the 2017 "Stars in Sydney" Workshop, please click here.


MQAAAstro seminars

We have an active seminar series for the benefit of MQAAAstro members. We welcome all astronomers visiting Sydney to give us a seminar.

Seminars typically take place at 3pm on Fridays in building E6B, level 2, room 2.300 (see map here)

Please contact Admin for further information and assistance.

Seminar schedule 2017  

Date Name Institution Seminar topic
20 January Brent Miszalski ICRAR The role of binarity in Wolf-Rayet central stars of planetary nebulae
10 FebruaryAntonino P. Milone & Anna F. MarinoANUMultiple stellar population in Globular Clusters
10 MarchShi DaiCSIROSearching for pulsars in radio continuum surveys
17 MarchSachiko KuroyanagiNagoya UniversityAnisotropies in the gravitational wave background as a probe of the cosmic string network
24 MarchAndrew LehmannMQMulti-fluid Shock Waves in Molecular Clouds, A Submitted Thesis
31 MarchLuke BarnesUSydHow cosmological simulations can inform observational surveys and fundamental cosmology
7 AprilLeo VanziPontif. Univ. Catolica

Zen and the art of building astronomical instruments... (in Chile!)

21 AprilJohannes BuchnerPontif. Univ. CatolicaAstrostatistics toolkit of the 21st century astronomer
28 AprilAnnette FergusonUniversity of EdinburghThe Ancient Star Formation History of the Disc and Halo of M31
5 MayJordan CollierWestern Sydney UniversityThe path to ASKAP: faint things and curvy things
12 MayFarhad Yusef-ZadehNorthwestern UniversityStar Formation near  the Supermassive Black Hole Sgr A*
26 MayBrent GrovesANUTracing Gas in Galaxies Near and Far
2 JuneGeoffrey C. ClaytonLousisiana State UniversityStudying dust in the Universe with JWST
16 JuneHugh GarsdenHarvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics21cm LEDA: Towards Detection of Cosmic Dawn using the Owen’s Valley LWA
23 JuneVan Hiep NguyenMacquarie UniversityShinning Light on the Dark Milky Way: Probing our Galaxy’s Hidden Gas
30 June

Helga Dénes

CSIROCold gas in the ISM - Measuring the temperature of the Riegel-Crutcher cloud
21 JulyDarko DonevskiLaboratoire d'Astrophysique MarseilleCharacterisation of high-z dusty galaxies in Herschel cosmological surveys
28 JulyMaria Lugaro Konkoly Observatory, BudapestRadionuclides: from Cosmochronology to Habitability
4 AugustDr.Tayyaba ZafarAAOAustralian-ESO partnership: instruments and applying time
11 August

Dr. Anna Ferré-Mateu

Swinburne University of TechnologyThe diverse origins of compact Elliptical galaxies
25 AugustInger JørgensenGemini Observatory

Passive Galaxies in Massive Clusters - a Journey from z=1.27 to the Present

1 SeptemberScott CroomUniversity of SydneyUncovering galaxy individuality with SAMI
8  SeptemberWei Siang TanWestern Illinois UniversitySurvey for C-Band High Spectral Lines with the Arecibo Telescope
15 SeptemberGeorge JacobyLowell ObservatoryThe Other Side of Authorship
6 OctoberPierfrancesco Di CintioIFAC-CNR institute of Florence (Italy)Dynamical origin of non-thermal states in filamentary structures in galactic molecular clouds

Seminar archive

If you would like a complete list and details of our previous seminars, please contact our centre administrator.  

Seminar schedule 2016

Date Name Institution Seminar topic
26 February Luke Davies ICRAR Star Formation, Mergers and the Assembly of Stellar Mass in Galaxies
18 March Jessica Chapman CSIRO Astrophysics & Space Science Maser Observations from Evolved Stars
1 April Angel Lopez-Sanchez AAO Exploring the HI-metallicity-galaxy mass connection with CALIFA
8 April Caroline Foster AAO Deciphering the formation of early-type galaxies using large scale dynamical stellar maps
15 April Colin Navin Macquarie University New halo stars of the Galactic globular clusters M3 and M13 in the LAMOST DR1 Catalog
22 April Jesse Van de Sande The University of Sydney Revisiting galaxy classification with SAMI through high-order stellar kinematics
28 April Daniel Price Monash University Gaps, bananas and holes: Planet formation in action?
29 April John Spray Planetary and Space Science Centre and High-speed Impact Research and Technology Facility, Canada High-speed impact: From Planetary Science to Materials Engineering
6 May Chengyuan Li Macquarie University Using the sub-giant branch to constrain the star formation history of intermediate-age clusters
13 May Nicholas Scott The University of Sydney Extragalactic Archaeology: uncovering galaxy formation histories with SAMI
20 May Peter Tuthill The University of Sydney Syzygys, Stardust and the sizes of stars: Adventures in space from starman to starshot
27 May Glen Rees Macquarie University The terrifyingly potential (and wondrous problems) of radio-based Cosmology
3 June Ryan Shannon CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science Fast radio bursts and the magnetization and turbulence of the cosmic web
17 June Tayyaba Zafar AAO Distant Gamma-Ray Bursts as tracers of dust
24 June James Tocknell Macquarie University  
15 July Chris Lidman AAO OzDES reaches the half way mark
22 July Lee Spitler Macquarie University The Huntsman observing systems: ultra-faint astronomical imaging from the ground and space
12 August Geoff Clayton Louisiana State University Continuous Dust Formation in Core-Collapse Supernovae?
19 August Chris Tinney University of New South Wales A New Age for Exoplanets is Coming
26 August Alastair Edge Durham University The rise and fall (and rise again) of NGC1275
2 September Lee Spitler Macquarie University Breakthrough Listen: jump-starting SETI research
9 September Caroline Foster | Christina Baldwin AAO | Macquarie University ITSO | Conference Practice Talk
23 September Orsola De Marco Macquarie University “The Common Envelope Problem” - straddling the theory-observation divide
30 September Remco van den Bosch Max Planck Institut für Astronomie, Heidelberg Galaxies and their Super-Massive Black Holes
7 October Themiya Nanayakkara Swinburne In-situ IMF at z~2
14 October Tui Britton Macquarie University Signposts of Massive Star Formation
21 October Christophe Pinte Macquarie University Gaps, rings and spirals in protoplanetary discs
28 October Eric Kool Macquarie University The SUNBIRD project: Uncovering supernovae in luminous infrared galaxies
4 November Tim Bedding The University of Sydney A Golden Age of Asteroseismology with Kepler
18 November Simon Murphy The University of Sydney An exciting new method for finding binaries and planets
25 November Li Shao CSIRO Astrophysics AGN obscuration and host galaxies
2 December Danica Draskovic Macquarie University Discovery and Multi-wavelength Study of Planetary Nebulae in the Small Magellanic Cloud
16 December Tiffany Day Macquarie University
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