Library benefits better than ever
Macquarie University Library. Photo: Chris Stacey


Library benefits better than ever

/ November 17, 2015

In the most recent 2014 Alumni Preferences Survey, respondents told us that they would love to get more from their relationship with Macquarie.

At the top of the list was increased library access, to support both lifelong learning and professional development.

In response, Macquarie University library is now offering alumni access to an extra 4300 ebooks and more than 2000 new journal titles, meaning that staying current with developments in your specialty interest area has never been easier.

These new additions are on top of the existing collection of more than 1 million books and 15 major online journal databases housing over 15,000 titles.

Other exclusive benefits, services and special offers include inspiring new online courses, health and wellbeing services and career support – all at no, or significantly discounted, cost in recognition of your valued place in the Macquarie University community.

Find out more about the extensive range of alumni benefits and services available from Macquarie.

Comments (7)

  1. Ibrahim

    As a member of Macquarie university Alumni , I feel very proud of still taking benefits of alumni membership regarding access to the different journals and books through the old version of Ebsco .Thus and Unfortunately , I still not able to have a full access to the whole database.instructions to access the EBSCO is complicated for me .I look forward to any help in this regard .I really need this access especially it is my only recognizable library in which I rely on in my ph.d study .In my country , things are too traditional and mean in having data .I always feel sad when I compare between my Stupid University in Jordan and Macquarie.So, I will be very grateful to find myself in the following days using Alumni library with its gigantic database .

  2. denis petkovic

    I am a graduate living now in Hong Kong.

    I am interested in the following: visiting Macquarie when I visit Sydney from time to time. Using the library in person during visits and perhaps by remote. Lastly doing a distance learning course in Croatian.

    My wife Jane Petkovic (formerly Jane Elizabeth Anderson) also a Macquarie graduate is probably interested in the same three things, She is now in Sydney for a month and is completing a PHD at King’s College ,London.

    1. Martine Balit Post author

      Hi Denis,

      You are able to use the Library on the day and also able to sign up for a library card straight away if needed.

      In regards to your request about learning Croatian via long distance, please check out the Non-Award study options. This gives you the ability to do single subjects and not a whole course. You can find more information here:

      As alumni, you and Jane are also eligible to receive a waiver of the application fee. More information can be found here:

      Kind regards


  3. robyn wright

    I’m a Macquarie graduate living in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. Macquarie Library has physical and electronic copies of a book that I would very much like to read, but which is unavailable in Australia. I’ve been told that I can get an alumni library card but that I need to physically get to the library to do so. Twelve hours by road, 14 hours by train or four hours to get to an from an airport plus an hour in the air is something of a discouragement.
    You will not be surprised to learn that, according to the terms of my Will, my own library is destined for the Egyptology Department’s Research Room, and not the Library itself.

    Robyn Wright


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