Non-award Study

Non-award Study

Expand your knowledge and enhance your professional skill set: study via Non Award at Macquarie University

Considering learning something new to refresh or expand your knowledge or upgrade your professional skills? Our changing world requires dynamic, creative thinkers who are able to challenge the status quo, make new connections and apply their knowledge across disciplines to real-world problems. Enrol in a Non Award unit today to enhance your suite of skills for the future.

You might consider studying a unit via Non Award to:

  • Complete units before commencing a Postgraduate Diploma or Masters Degree
  • Refresh or learn new IT skills
  • Learn about a foreign culture or a new language in preparation for a business conference
  • Study introductory marketing, business administration or accounting units to assist in running a business
  • Meet professional accreditation requirements (eg CPA, CA, Actuarial Control Cycle and Investment Management)
  • Keep up-to-date on current environmental trends and issues

What are the visa eligibility requirements to enrol as a non-award student?

Applicants are required to have Australian Citizenship or Australian permanent residency status or hold a valid visa which allows study in Australia. Whilst students in some visa categories (eg provisional spouse visa and other long term temporary visas) may be able to enrol on a Non-award basis, they will be limited to enrolment in no more than two units per session.

I do not have a current visa to study in Australia but I want to take some non-award units from overseas.

You must have a visa that allows you to study in Australia. This is because most units have an in-person component that requires you to be present in Australia for a study purpose, such as assessments or class attendance.

The only exceptions are students intending to enrol into ACST8031, ACST8032, ACST8095 where students are not required to reside in Australia during the duration of the course.

What do I need to know about Non Award?

Do I complete the same work as a student in a degree program?

Yes – refer to Bachelor Degree Rules 7-13 in the University Handbook of Undergraduate Studies or the Handbook of Postgraduate Studies for postgraduate students

What are the tuition fees?

Non Award is an upfront tuition fee program. Domestic Postgraduate Tuition Fees. Domestic Undergraduate Tuition Fees. International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Tuition Fees.

I want to study for general interest/personal development

Mature-age students, or students with previous tertiary experience may wish to enrol in University units (subjects) purely for interest or self-development without having to enrol in a degree.

Majority of the units offered on the Macquarie online course handbook can be undertaken on a non-award basis. Acceptance in the individual unit, however, is subject to department approval.

I want to study for professional purposes

See information on studying for professional purposes

How do I apply?

Visit the application information page

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