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$2.1m to aid next revolution in the food industry

7 May 2013

Macquarie University has won $2.1 million of Australian Research Council funding to support a new Industrial Transformation Training Centre program. The …

New research project getting personal with transport

6 May 2013

Macquarie University, with partners from the City of Ryde and Transport for NSW has launched a new research project trialing …

Research exposes toxic playgrounds at Port Pirie

2 May 2013

In a study published in Environmental Pollution this week, Macquarie University researchers have shown that Port Pirie’s playgrounds are dangerously …

Scientists and historians work together to be the first Australians to win international Archaeology prize

26 April 2013

Researchers have been recognised at the 41st Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Conference, for developing an analytical technique …

Macquarie University proposes transfer of chiropractic degrees

24 April 2013

Macquarie University today announced a proposal to begin discussions with other interested higher education providers about the transfer of its …

New $140m home for hearing research partners

17 April 2013

The Government estimates that ten million Australians will suffer some kind of hearing loss by 2050 – almost one quarter of the population. In order to help reduce the impact this will have on our society and its economy, Australia’s leading hearing researchers and service providers are working together to improve outcomes for those affected.

Childhood lead exposure linked to crime in adulthood

15 April 2013

This is an extract of an article originally published in The Conversation by Macquarie University’s Professor Mark Taylor; Associate Professor …

Art versus Science no more?

24 March 2013

In a new article published in the April issue of the journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences, philosopher Nicolas Bullot from …

Professor Paul Ehrlich speaks on climate adaptation’s role in the collapse of civilisation

22 March 2013

Macquarie University’s Climate Futures research centre and Department of Biological Sciences recently hosted a booked-out public presentation from Professor Paul …

Can Geckos get going?

20 March 2013

New research from Macquarie University suggests that arid zone reptiles could struggle to find suitable homes as a result of …

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