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New report on climate change adaptation and the insurance system

21 June 2013

The economic and insured costs of natural disasters due to extreme weather are examined in a comprehensive new report published this month: Market-based mechanisms for climate change adaptation.

Compelling new evidence shows Mount Isa mine emissions are contaminating the city and are the cause of childhood lead poisoning

17 June 2013

Despite  upgrades  to  technology  and  ore  management  techniques,  new  and  compelling  research shows that the combined effects of historic and …

Researchers look into the future to weed out problem plants

12 June 2013

Researchers from Macquarie University and the University of Canberra have developed an assessment scheme that allows them to look into …

Save the trees to save the reefs

5 June 2013

Conservation projects to reverse current deforestation could also benefit coastal coral reef ecosystems. This new finding could potentially extend the …

Macquarie University to begin discussions on chiropractic transfer

4 June 2013

Macquarie University will begin discussions with other interested external education providers about the possible transfer of its chiropractic programs by …

Researchers find lizards’ frilled neck is more than just for show

28 May 2013

Researchers have discovered that the brightly coloured frills of the iconic Australian frillneck lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii) can be used to …

Coral reefs ‘ruled by earthquakes and volcanoes’

28 May 2013

Titanic forces in the Earth’s crust explain why the abundance and richness of corals varies dramatically across the vast expanse …

Captive-bred wallabies may carry antibiotic resistant bacteria into wild populations

23 May 2013

Species recovery programs may spread antibiotic resistant genes to wild populations. Endangered brush-tail rock wallabies raised in captive breeding programs …

New research shows natural dust reduces cooling effect of sulphur in clouds

10 May 2013

An article published today in Science shows that natural dust reduces the cooling effect of sulphur in clouds – an …

Scientists see if bees ‘are what they eat’

8 May 2013

In a paper published today in the peer-reviewed science journal The Public Library of Science ONE, researchers have presented a …

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