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New river setbacks ‘a setback to environment’

14 March 2013

Researchers from Macquarie University and RMIT have warned about potential major damage to the long-term health of rivers and the …

Strange alien slime discovered living beneath the Nullarbor Plain

6 March 2013

Deep in water-filled underground caves beneath Australia’s Nullarbor Plain, cave divers have discovered unusual ‘curtains’ of biological material – known …

Diamonds may mend a broken heart: Researchers perfect nanodiamonds for use in biomedical applications

13 February 2013

Researchers at Macquarie University have been perfecting a technique that may help see nanodiamonds used in biomedical applications. PhD student …

Survival of the fittest: Ocean acidification produces winners and losers

21 January 2013

As atmospheric carbon dioxide levels continue to increase, the ocean absorbs more carbon dioxide. This absorption comes at a cost, …

Curious cosmic choreography: Small galaxies locked in a strange dance around large galaxies

2 January 2013

A newly discovered form of circle dancing is perplexing astronomers; not due to its complex choreography, but because it’s unclear …

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