Macquarie MRI Facility

Macquarie MRI Facility

Through Macquarie Medical Imaging at Macquarie hospital researchers of the department have access to two MRI systems, the Siemens Verio 3T scanner and the GE 750W 3T scanner. Both these scanners can be used to perform either functional or structural MRI sequences.

Below is a list of equipment this facility has available for use in each scanner for the conducting of cognitive tasks during a function MRI (fMRI) sequence.

Equipment available

Equipment available to present stimuli in the Siemens scanner:

Equipment available to collect participant responses in the Siemens scanner:

  • Participant can respond via the LS-Pair response pads, 2 button per hand
  • Eyetracking is available via the Eyelink 1000
  • Verbal output can be recorded via a MR compatible microphone

Equipment which has been ordered to present stimuli in the GE scanner:

Equipment which has been ordered to collect participant responses in the GE scanner:

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