Research facilities

Research facilities

The Department of Cognitive Science operates several principal facilities for conducting its research. Further information for each facility available to researchers can be found by clicking the corresponding image below.

  • Cognition in action

    Cognition in Action Facility

    The Cognition in Action Facility employs natural human movements (such as reaching & grasping) as measures in tasks investigating cognitive processes.

  • Event related potential

    Event Related Potentials (ERP) Facility

    The ERP Faciltiy, measures two types of brain responses: event-related potentials (ERPs) and fixation-related potentials (FRPs).

  • Eye tracking

    Eye-Tracking Facility

    The Eye-Tracking Facility uses monitoring of people’s eye-movements to gain important insights into the underlying cognitive processes involved in completing specific tasks.

  • MEG

    KIT-Macquarie MEG Laboratory

    MEG is a unique Facility that allows passive studies of how the brain is able to produces the contents & processes of the mind.

  • Language acquisition
  • Non invasive brain stimulation

    Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation (NIBS) Facility

    The NIBS Facility uses noninvasive brain stimulation to gain novel insights into the workings of the brain.

  • Portable emotive lab
  • Behaviour lab

    Behavioural Cognition Facility

    Behavioural Cognition Facilities are used to run paradigms such as Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP), Masked Priming, Repetiton Blindness and Attentional Blink.

  • Body perception

    Body Perception Laboratory

    In the body perception lab we have facilities and equipment to study the multisensory mechanisms of self-perception. This includes equipment to manipulate visual bodily signals (such as rubber hands and virtual hands) as well as multisensory signals (such as tactors and LEDs)

  • Cognitive clinic

    Macquarie University Reading Clinic

    The Clinic provides research-based assessments and intervention for people with reading and spelling difficulties, and professional development for teachers and clinicians.

  • Portable Neuro Physiology
  • MRI machine

    Macquarie MRI Facility

    Through Macquarie Medical Imaging at Macquarie hospital researchers of the department have access to two MRI systems, the Siemens Verio 3T scanner and the GE 750W 3T scanner. Both these scanners can be used to perform either functional or structural MRI sequences.

  • Kinarm

    KINARM Facility

    The KINARM Facility hosts a KINARM End-point robot, which is designed to study different forms of motor adaptation including force-field adaptation and visuomotor adaptation.

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