Image credit: Stephen et al. 2017

New computer model predicts your health from the shape of your face, and so does your brain

5 December 2017

An international study, led by researchers at Macquarie University, has developed a new computer model that can predict the status ...

Autism CRC welcomes Macquarie University to Cooperative Research Centre

2 November 2017

Autism CRC has announced Macquarie University as an Other Participant in the Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism. This new …


Do you have dangerous household dust? 360 Dust Analysis program offers a free test for household dust contaminants

2 November 2017

A new program has been launched by environmental scientists from Macquarie University that will allow households worldwide to test whether …


It’s the mother and child reunion: Sea lion mothers spot their pups in a crowd

2 November 2017

Sea lion mothers can identify the age of pups based on visual cues alone, and even as their pups grow …

When is enough, enough? New study on the commercialisation and conflict of interest in the IVF industry

2 November 2017

Australian-first study into the commercialisation of IVF treatments found some professionals in the artificial reproductive technology (ART) industry believe that …


New white paper maps the very real risks that quantum attacks will pose for Bitcoin

2 November 2017

Combining expertise in quantum technologies and cryptography, researchers have been projecting future dates that quantum computers could jeopardise the security …


Tiny diamonds light the way for new quantum technologies

1 November 2017

Macquarie University researchers have made a single tiny diamond shine brightly at room temperature, a behaviour known as superradiance. This …

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