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First ever meta-analysis on Indian lead exposure reveals link to devastating intellectual disability in children

12 October 2018

New Macquarie University research has revealed the devastating disease burden associated with elevated blood lead levels in India. The results ...


Neurodiverse students get a career kick-start at new virtual hub

28 August 2018

Macquarie University students with autism, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and dyslexia will gain employment opportunities and support at the …


Macquarie University researchers awarded funding to improve older Australians’ mental health

22 August 2018

The Centre for Emotional Health at Macquarie University has been awarded $1.8 million in funding from the National Health and …


Turning coffee waste into coffee cups

21 August 2018

A Macquarie PhD student believes he’s come up with a way to turn coffee waste into biodegradable plastic coffee cups. …


Harnessing the power of a quadrillion suns to fight motor neurone disease, finding far-flung planets, and more: Simon Gross awarded a Tall Poppy Award

20 August 2018

Lasers to treat motor neurone disease; and chips that help optical fibres carry more information or identify planets beyond our …

Hibiscus Harlequin Bugs

Warning colours are getting warmer

17 August 2018

Researchers at Macquarie University found that hibiscus harlequin bugs adapt their colouring depending on the temperature, becoming more orange in …


Prehistoric mummy reveals ancient Egyptian embalming ‘recipe’ was around for millennia

16 August 2018

The ancient Egyptians developed sophisticated embalming treatments far earlier and across a wider geographical area than had been previously known, …

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