Dr Simon Gross. Credit: Jo Stephan

Harnessing the power of a quadrillion suns to fight motor neurone disease, finding far-flung planets, and more: Simon Gross awarded a Tall Poppy Award

20 August 2018

Lasers to treat motor neurone disease; and chips that help optical fibres carry more information or identify planets beyond our ...


Leading telescope science and technology group moves to Macquarie University

3 July 2018

Effective 1 July, Macquarie University has assumed responsibility for the research and optical instrumentation capability of the Australian Astronomical Observatory, …


New global study: Marriage may protect against heart disease and stroke and associated risk of death

20 June 2018

Researchers suggest that marital status should be included as a risk factor for heart disease/stroke and likely survival in its …


Warming oceans will affect sharks’ brains

15 June 2018

Rising ocean temperatures due to climate change will not only be felt by smaller organisms like coral, but will also …


Why so blue? New research sheds light on why our iconic blue-tongue lizards have such colourful tongues

8 June 2018

A new study by researchers at Macquarie University has shed light on why blue tongue lizards have such an outrageously …


Partnership puts new focus on sensory disabilities

1 June 2018

In a first for Macquarie University and Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC), a new partnership has been …


Macquarie selected to participate in international entrepreneurship program

18 May 2018

Macquarie University has been chosen to participate in the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (REAP) program, …

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