Macquarie’s STEM superstars named, smashing gender assumptions about scientists

11 December 2018

Three Macquarie University academics from the Faculty of Science and Engineering have been named in 2018’s list of the superstars ...


Friend or foe: how do you feel about the insects and spiders living in your home?

24 October 2018

Do you love or loathe your creepy-crawly house guests? Are you an insecticide at the ready kind of person? Or …


Think twice before trying to get the upper hand in a business deal

15 October 2018

New Macquarie University research suggests trying to get the upper hand in a business deal isn’t as attractive as it …


Sport is still the most common cause of children’s injuries requiring hospitalisation

13 October 2018

Around 13,000 children are hospitalised every year for a sports injury, costing the Australian health system $40 million per year …

First ever meta-analysis on Indian lead exposure reveals link to devastating intellectual disability in children

12 October 2018

New Macquarie University research has revealed the devastating disease burden associated with elevated blood lead levels in India. The results …


New research by Macquarie University finds one in five Australian honey samples to be adulterated

5 October 2018

While 18% of Australian honey samples were ‘adulterated’, we fare better than Europe and Asia: The new study found 28% …


Macquarie signs unique trilateral partnership

28 September 2018

Macquarie University has signed a trilateral joint PhD agreement with The University of Hamburg in Germany and Chinese Fudan University …

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