First report into autism in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities reveals shortage of supports and services

18 February 2020

The Hon Linda Burney MP today launches the first major report into autism in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, ...


Stopping poaching by the numbers

7 January 2020

Mathematics can help reduce poaching and illegal logging in national parks, researchers have found. A team of applied mathematicians including …


Hunting molecules that signal pain

7 January 2020

A new microscope-based method for detecting a particular molecule in the spinal cord could help lead to an accurate and …


Device makes electric vehicle charging a two-way street

7 January 2020

A new device turns electric vehicles into chargers for houses and stranded cars. Researchers led by Seyedfoad Taghizadeh from Australia’s …


Citizen scientists deserve more credit, researchers argue

7 January 2020

Citizen scientists should be included as authors on journal papers, researchers say. In a paper published in the journal Trends …


Lonesome no more: white sharks hang with buddies

7 January 2020

White sharks form communities, researchers have revealed. Although normally solitary predators, white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) gather in large numbers at …


It’s complicated: coral bleaching is caused by more than just heat

7 January 2020

Scientists in the Indian and Pacific Oceans used the El Nino of 2016 – the warmest year on record – …

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