Macquarie University invests in campus development with redevelopment of Central Courtyard and Arts Precincts

16 February 2018

To prepare for the next 50 years of its growth, Macquarie University is investing heavily in its campus with two ...

New continental-scale data from Australian marine tracking system maps a decade of widespread movements of our iconic sea species

31 January 2018

A new continental-scale marine animal tracking dataset has been published from the Integrated Marine Observing System’s Animal Tracking Facility, based …


Hot weather is bad news for bird sperm

19 January 2018

A new study led by Macquarie University and spanning Sydney and Oslo has shown that exposure to extreme temperatures, such …


Tracing lead contamination in NSW bees and their honey

15 January 2018

This is the first systematic Australian study of its kind that traces the source of contaminating metals in NSW bees, …


Domestic travel key to distribution of flu across Australia

12 January 2018

All major cities appear to experience outbreaks of flu around the same time each year Commuting to work is less …


Boogie flights: how scientists are monitoring whale health by using drones to collect their blow

12 January 2018

Macquarie University researchers have led the design and construction of a new system that can be fitted to a custom-built, …


Headphone listeners think they’re hard of hearing: new study indicates that up to 41 per cent of Australians may believe they have some form of hearing loss

18 December 2017

Up to 41 per cent of a cohort of 4185 study participants felt they had a hearing loss Headphone listeners …

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