New Fulbright scholars: Dr Michael Donovan and Callum McDiarmid

Macquarie University researchers awarded Fulbright Scholarships

20 February 2019

Two Macquarie University researchers have been announced as recipients of prestigious Fulbright Scholarships. The grants will enable the researchers to ...


Critically endangered grey nurse shark mapped for the first time in landmark study

5 February 2019

A study mapping the eastern Australian grey nurse shark population has found it has declined rapidly over the last few …


The Milky Way is warped

5 February 2019

The first accurate 3D map of our galaxy reveals its true shape: warped and twisted. Astronomers from Macquarie University and …


Cane toads: what they do in the shadows

21 January 2019

Cane toads are picking up some shady habits, according to a new study co-authored by a Macquarie University researcher. Toads …


Promiscuous females and their role in evolution

18 January 2019

Males have to make less of an effort to mate with promiscuous female fruit flies, making the quality and quantity …


Dark Energy Survey completes six-year mission

10 January 2019

After scanning in depth about a quarter of the southern skies for six years and cataloguing hundreds of millions of …


The quest for the missing proteins in rice

9 January 2019

Researchers have identified over 5,700 new proteins in rice and are calling for a global effort to find the remaining …

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