Yellow spotted monitor image courtesy of Arthur Chapman

Lizards need their coffee too: could caffeine help bring threatened species back from the brink?

23 June 2020

Climate change and habitat loss are threatening many species worldwide, and reptiles are no exception. By some estimates 25 per ...


Macquarie University signs commitment to continue prioritising gender equity

11 June 2020

Macquarie University has signed a joint Australian Higher Education sector position statement, Preserving Gender Equity as a Higher Education Priority …


Macquarie University climbs QS World University Rankings

10 June 2020

The QS World University Rankings 2021 released today have ranked Macquarie University 214th in the world, up 23 places from …


A Pack of Thieves: the oldest parasite-host interaction in the fossil record

4 June 2020

The earliest evidence of parasitism found in the fossil record have been unearthed by Macquarie University researchers Professor Glenn Brock …


Macquarie University researchers show that keyhole surgeons have more than just good hands – they have highly adaptable hands.

4 June 2020

A study conducted by cognitive scientists at Macquarie University, published in Human Movement Science, found that highly experienced surgeons who …


Scanning the horizons of the Belt and Road Initiative

29 May 2020

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a project of unprecedented scale and ambition. Spanning 65 countries – with others …


Sydney Film Festival showcases Macquarie University filmmakers

27 May 2020

Two Macquarie University filmmakers will feature in the first ever virtual edition of the Sydney Film Festival, launching on 10 …

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