Macquarie University education experts launch new course on Coursera to support teachers with online learning and teaching

31 August 2021

A new Specialization by Macquarie University on Coursera is set to revolutionise how educators approach online teaching and arm them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver effective and engaging online learning and teaching.

Designed by Macquarie’s subject matter experts and learning designers, the three-course Specialization is perfect for educators who are familiar with face-to-face teaching but are now adapting to online environments, and those who design or deliver online learning experiences.

Course Instructor Associate Professor Iain Hay says the Specialization called ‘Online Learning Design for Educators’ is focused on quality professional learning based in research, but with a practical application.

“We have used a research-informed approach to underpin the development of this Specialization,” Associate Professor Hay explains.

“There is a clear need for a Specialization like this as educators have had to pivot quickly to deliver online teaching that is relevant, engaging, and appropriate for a diverse range of students in varying contexts.”

The Specialization is split into three courses:

(1) Online Education: The Foundations of Online Teaching

This course demonstrates how to reimagine and redesign previous face-to-face offerings into an online environment, and how to optimise online offerings so that students feel connected, engaged, and motivated to learn.

(2) Create Video, Audio, and Infographics for Online Learning

Course two explores how incorporating video, podcasts, infographics as well as text, makes learning memorable, meaningful, and retainable.

(3) Online Teaching: Using Zoom to Connect with Learners

This course delves into the Zoom functions that are relevant to teaching a live online class and provides practical real-world examples of how to use these functions successfully in a live class setting.

“Macquarie University has reached nearly one million learners through their courses on Coursera. As more universities expand their catalogue of online content, Macquarie is sharing their proven best practices in this Specialization to help educators around the world create engaging online courses,” said Betty Vandenbosch, Chief Content Officer at Coursera.

Each course takes approximately 15 hours to complete and can be completed as a stand-alone course or as a three-course Specialization.

Learners can access the Specialization using a free 7-day trial, before having to sign up for a monthly subscription of USD$49 / AUD$66 per month. It is estimated that the Specialization will take 3 to 4 months to complete.

Registrations are now open for Courses 1 and 2, with Course 3 opening for registrations on 27 September. Register today at

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