Win-win for students and businesses through digital internships


Win-win for students and businesses through digital internships

May 11, 2020

Macquarie Business School can help your organisation by providing a highly accomplished MBA student, ambitious undergraduate or a masters student to work on short-term internships or strategic projects.

Your projects and placements will allow our students to gain insight and knowledge into a new market or industry, while adding real value to your business and project deliverables. Our students, who come from a diverse range of academic, cultural and professional backgrounds, will bring a fresh perspective and new ideas.

Our MBA students are highly motivated and experienced, particularly our international students, who are keen to apply their industry experience and MBA frameworks to a local business project or strategic challenge.

Macquarie Business School’s MGSM MBA students have a minimum of three years professional and leadership experience.  Through their strategic internships, many of our MBA students have identified significant savings, or business, product and process improvements which have greatly benefited their host organisations.

If you are interested in how a business student or MBA candidate could work with you, contact to discuss our internship offerings.

MBA Strategic Internship Program Outline

  • Duration: Min 6 weeks remotely (up to 14 hrs per week)
  • Upon completion, the student will present a final report and presentation to the project owner
  • No cost to organisation
  • Organisation chooses who they would like to hire

Testimonial from a recent employer

“Adriana worked in Financial Markets.  We were very impressed with Adriana. She was able to work independently, especially during a tough time in our Financial Markets area when we were switching to remote working”.  David Teakle, Head of Markets, Rabobank

Adriana has been offered a position in Risk Management at Rabobank.



Comments (2)

  1. Rishi Aawadoot

    Are MGSM master of management students eligible for this ?
    as you have mentioned
    “ambitious undergraduate or a masters student to work on short-term internships or strategic projects”
    in the above, hence my query .
    Eagerly waiting your response.
    Your Sincerely

    1. Jackie Gent Post author

      Thanks for your question Rishi. The Business School has replied that this opportunity definitely exists for Master of Management students and it is offered each semester. They will be contacting you separately with more info.


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