What’s next for Macquarie?
What’s next for Macquarie?


What’s next for Macquarie?

/ September 15, 2014

Macquarie’s tradition of doing things differently over the past 50 years has created an impressive legacy of inspiring discoveries.

Since 1964, we have been doing some seemingly weird, and certainly wonderful things. We’ve helped fit stilts to tiny desert ants to create an ‘ant odometer’, revealing how they measure distance and ultimately how they navigate. We’re part of an international effort to create the world’s first-ever synthetic complex organism, that is rewriting the ground rules for research in biology.

Our Art Gallery played host to the largest holographic artwork in the world, recreating a real bar over 10 hours on New Year’s Eve. Millions of children (and their parents) have been entertained by the skivvy-wearing graduates who founded the The Wiggles. We revealed messages hidden in clay tablets, unopened for almost 5,000 years, by combining our cutting-edge medical imaging technology and historical expertise, and a hardworking team of researchers helped CSIRO turn Wi-Fi into a reality, with more than five billion devices around the world use the technology today.

We’ve found alien slime in underground caves on the Nullarbor, thriving in the dark. We first published the Macquarie Dictionary in 1981, when it fast became the standard reference on Australian English, and we helped discover the curious cosmic choreography of dwarf galaxies dancing in a ring around the much larger Andromeda Galaxy.

That was just the start. Macquarie emboldens our community to achieve exceptional things and we look forward in our next 50 years to making even more life-changing, life-saving and above all, life affirming discoveries.

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