The value of volunteering
The value of volunteering


The value of volunteering

, / July 13, 2015

Although many people feel they are more time-poor than ever before thanks to the always –on nature of technology, an increasing number of people are also making time in their busy lives to quietly give back through volunteering.

It has recently been estimated that volunteering in Australia contributes up to $290 billion – more than mining, agriculture, defence and retail industries put together.

Many Macquarie alumni start their volunteering activities while at University, by mentoring new students or contributing to the running of one of the University’s more than 140 social clubs. Once they leave university, their passion for helping others takes new forms from coaching sports teams to getting involved in recognised community initiatives.

Others like to maintain a close relationship with the University, and say they get as much from the experience as the groups they are helping.

Paul Ho completed his Master of Business Admin from MGSM in Singapore in 2011, and says that he has always put his hand up for any volunteering opportunities that arose.

“Before graduating, I organised a brand equity talk for other MBA students, which was given by the Managing Director of Bulgari South Asia,” he says.

“Not only did people have the opportunity to connect socially and add to their professional knowledge, it also helped them grow their networks.”

Recently, Paul volunteered at Macquarie’s alumni networking event in Singapore in May.

Most recently, Paul has assumed the position as President of the Macquarie University Alumni Association of Singapore (MUAAS), and helped organise a guided nature walk to the Island’s MacRitchie Reservoir, together with Melbourne University and Australian Alumni of Singapore (AAS)

“Events like these really help people to enhance their social networks and to give them valuable business connections to draw on in the future. Everyone benefits, whether you are volunteering at the event or you are a guest,” he says.

If you would like to volunteer with Macquarie, please tailor your preferences in the Alumni Web Community.

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