Share your memories
Share your memories


Share your memories

, , / February 24, 2014

With preparations for Macquarie University’s 50 year Jubilee celebrations now in full swing, we are inviting alumni to share their stories, videos and pictures of Macquarie.

“The story of Macquarie’s first 50 years is best told through the eyes of its almost 150,000 alumni,” says Alumni Relations online community specialist Martine Balit.

“Many alumni have already submitted their stories,” she says. “We’ve loved reading about people’s experiences with the mummy that supposedly came to life at night in the Museum of Ancient Cultures, about the flexibility and freedom studying at the new university offered, and of students’ fond memories of staff, like Jim – the man in charge of keeping the university’s pinball machines in working order.”

“If you don’t have a story to tell, but would like to share some great images of your time at Macquarie, why not submit them to our Throwback Thursday campaign on social media?” Balit says.

Submit your tales of great sporting moments, influential mentors and other memorable moments or send through your images for Throwback Thursday to


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  1. Lei Wang

    I studied Translating and Interpreting (a master’s degree) at Macquarie University from July 2006 to November 2007, following graduation from a university in Beijing, where I currently live and work.

    I really enjoyed the rich and flexible academic environment at MQ and its beautiful campus. It was such a pleasure to read or simply relax on the grassland and watch lovely ducks wandering around the lake.

    I also remember attending Hillsong Church at Macquarie Centre on Sundays. Although I am not a Christian, the experience brought me lots of friends and interesting insights into a unique culture.

    I wish all the best to MQ and each alumnus!

  2. Susan Davison

    I studied languages and linguistics as a very mature age student from 2000 until 2007. My time at Macquarie was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. Although hard to adjust at first the friendliness of the lecturers and the acceptance of the younger students made the journey so much easier. To put one’s brain to the test after many years of working and child raising was so rewarding and to progress from passes at the beginning to high distinctions at the end was thrilling. And the graduation ceremony after so many years of study was the true highlight as well as being very emotional. My time at Macquarie inspired my son to study a Masters in Applied Finance also as a mature age student. Oh how I wish I could return to that wonderful centre of learning and inspiration. Thank you to everyone who helped me to achieve my goal.

  3. Milka Vranes

    I did my Master of Arts (Ancient History) entirely by distance and it was a great degree with great lecturers. Macquarie is certainly doing distance education right!

  4. Sylvestre MANG

    I have been admitted in 2007 at MQ UNI under my dual Master degree programme (Mcom in Business and Msc in Value Chain management). Since the day one, it was a wonderfull experience, the international team in charge of the integration of foreigners delivered a first class service. I was easier to make friends on campus, the campus itself was amazing !!! I remember the librairy, the sport’ facility and enough spaces to relax after a hard day.The lecturers of finance department equipped us with the up to date tools to understand deeply the evolutions of finance industry. Indeed, this was a transforming experience and I will definitly recommend MQ as a good university to study in.


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