More Databases and Journal Access for Alumni at the MQ Library
Macquarie University Library


More Databases and Journal Access for Alumni at the MQ Library

The Macquarie University Library has expanded its suite of databases, journals, ebooks and borrowing rights to alumni.

Alumni membership to the Macquarie Library continues to be ‘free for life’ and alumni can now access 42 databases across 20 platforms. These provide alumni with over 19 000, 5 000 ebooks and 7 000 videos. Additionally, alumni can now access over 350,000 other documents, surveys, reports, and historical material like playbooks, postcards, posters, letters, and more (please note that the nature of some of this material could be a single page or less).

The Macquarie University Library also have over 1.3 million books available for borrowing from the North Ryde campus.

To activate your Macquarie University Library Alumni access:

  • Online 
  • MQ Library Chat Room (9am-5pm, Monday to Friday)
  • Phone: 1800 300 753 or +61 2 9850 7500
  • Visit Us: 16 Macquarie Walk, Macquarie University


Macquarie University Library App

The Macquarie University Library has developed LibMQ – a Library app available for MQ alumni. The Alumni Resources tile will directly link Alumni users to the canned search in MultiSearch for alumni resources (including open access).

For further information, or to download, visit the Macquarie Library app

Comments (4)

    1. David Han

      Dear Ellen

      Sorry to hear that you’ve faced refusal.
      As an alumna of Macquarie University, you have free lifetime access to the Library and some of our databases.

      To gain access to this free service, you will need to sign up on our Alumni Benefits webpage. Click library access and it will take you to the registration form to give you both borrowing privileges and database access. You will receive an automatic email with further instruction to create your login.

      Please let me know if you have any issues signing up.

      David Han
      Alumni Relations Office

  1. ellen goodman

    I graduated BA 5th May 1989.
    I taught in the Law School from 1975 to 1989 and in Business Law from 1989 to 1999

    I would like to be able to access journal articles, especially in history.

    I am always met with a refusal becuse I do not belong to a recognised institution.

    Can this be rectified with LibMQ?


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