Meet Andre Nguyen
Meet Andre Nguyen


Meet Andre Nguyen

How do you use the skills you learned in your day to day work?

In both my Bachelor of Commerce and Law degrees, we were encouraged to think creatively and outside the box.

While it might sound clichéd, this way of thinking helps with innovation and it develops the skills to really think on your feet, to solve problems you will face in the real world. Unfortunately in the real world, the issues are not so neatly packaged as the scenarios you are set out in class with easy deadlines. Learning to think innovatively really does help you organise chaos to tackle any challenge within a limited timeframe.

At first when you graduate from university it is sometimes difficult to see how you can use what you have learnt, particularly in law, when you are required to undertake a further qualification and practical training. What you find out later is that innovative thinking helps you solve problems uniquely.

I have to say when we come up against a tough legal dilemma at work these days, the analytical methods taught to us by the lecturers and tutors over the years help us come up with great solutions.

How has your career progressed since you graduated?
I’ve  been fortunate to follow a set path in my career. In the year after graduation (2009), I was getting through my graduate program and was admitted to the legal profession. Five years on, I am still a lawyer and have ventured off to London to work in an inhouse legal role for Kaplan Financial.

What advice would you give to someone pursuing a career in law?
For someone setting out on the path to becoming a lawyer,  be prepared for a long journey ahead.

There will be days, weeks and months that will be difficult and tough during your studies and at work, but it is worth it when you sit back and reflect.

You will have some of the most memorable experiences, make some lifelong connections and go places that you have always wanted to go. It will be up to you how the journey unfolds and continues.

What is the importance of staying connected with Macquarie?
I have managed to cross paths with many of my classmates and other colleagues over years. We will have either worked together, been in competing firms or I have been a client. The relationships have been important because they have shown to my employers I am able to develop and maintain relationships and my ability to generate business.

I am sure in the future my connections formed through Macquarie will play a bigger part of my career.

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