Master of Research – making a difference through research
Master of Research graduate, Joshua Pate


Master of Research – making a difference through research

Have you ever considered that you could make a greater impact in your field through postgraduate research?

Master of Research Graduate and PhD candidate, Joshua Pate (M Research 2017) currently works for NSW Health as a Senior Pain Physiotherapist and has chosen this pathway with Macquarie for exactly that reason.

“Ultimately, it means I can help more patients than I can practising as a physiotherapist,” he said.

“My Master of Research focused on children born with short or absent bone in their leg, a condition called Longitudinal Fibular Deficiency. I was specifically looking at how these children perceive their knee and ankle function. It’s quite a rare condition, but one where parents must face many complex decisions about treatment for their child. It was my clinical work as a physiotherapist led me to choose this area of research.

My research project was in conjunction with The Children’s Hospital at Westmead where I was able to commence working with experts in the field. This allowed me to experience and learn what is involved in undertaking a significant piece of research. It helped me to decide whether I should pursue my research further, whilst also getting a qualification. It seemed like a great way to get started in the research world and that has turned out to be true for me.

For me, the most value aspect of the program was working with my supervisors, Verity Pacey and Mark Hancock. They have significant research experience behind them, and throughout the program I was learning new skills all the time. In addition, I had the privilege of presenting at the Rehabilitation Medicine Society of Australia and New Zealand Conference in Melbourne.

Another great aspect of the program was the opportunity to get involved in local Macquarie University events. For example, I won the 3 Minute Thesis competition (3MT) in our faculty and really enjoyed the challenge of condensing all my work into a short, easy-to-understand script. Overall, I relished the whole learning experience of the Master of Research,” Joshua said.

Macquarie was the first university in Australia to adopt the internationally recognised ‘‘Bologna model’’, offering a two-year Master of Research program. The Master of Research provides intensive research training, preparing  students for PhD study.

“The Master of Research was very effective in preparing me to undertake a PhD and really did provide that stepping stone towards a research career. I learnt how to work in a team of researchers, particularly the logistical steps involved; from coming up with a research question, all the way through to publishing a manuscript. I was confident of my ability to finish things in a timely manner, and started my PhD with much better research questions than I would have without completely the Master of Research as preparation,” said Josh.

The program is available in all of Macquarie’s research areas, allowing students to access a variety of disciplines to construct a program relevant to their specific interests.

The first year of the Master of Research comprises advanced coursework units including the study of research frontiers in the chosen area of study. Students who successfully complete the first year and choose not to continue, may exit the program with a Bachelor of Philosophy.

The second year is a masters-level postgraduate research training program specialising in research preparation and a focus on a specific research topic.

Josh is inspired to make a difference through his research career, “I would like to continue researching to help people with chronic pain, and It would be great to make tangible impacts in this area of healthcare. I am really looking forward to the years ahead!”

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Comments (3)

  1. Craig Morgan

    Good afternoon,
    I write because I believe I can be helpful to you in your HDR area.
    I hold a Master of Science (Research) degree from Macquarie and a PhD from Sydney University.
    I’m currently looking for casual/part time work.
    I have very fond memories of being a student at Macquarie University – and I sincerely believe I can give back. I even remember my student number – 30228484.
    Please get in touch with me as I am keen to assist.
    Kind regards,
    Craig Morgan BSc, MSc, PhD.

  2. Afzal Rana

    I am very much interested to do my research in one if the history or politics areas.
    I did my Master of Arts in Modern history from Macquarie in 2006.
    I also hold a master degree in politics and Urdu language & literature (Pakistan’s national language).
    My research work on Allama Iqbal’s poetry has recently been published.
    I will be very thankful if any assistance is provided to undertake a research programme.


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