Macquarie at 50, Augustus at 2000
Macquarie at 50, Augustus at 2000


Macquarie at 50, Augustus at 2000

, / September 9, 2014

Macquarie may be celebrating a milestone this year, but recently Ancient History staff took the opportunity to commemorate another occasion: 2000 years since the death of Augustus Caesar.

The Faculty of Arts launched their Jubilee event season with the lecture: Macquarie at 50, Augustus at 2000 in mid-August. The driving force of this event – Associate Professor Thomas Hillard and the Department of Ancient History staff were overwhelmed by the response and attendance on the rainy Tuesday evening.

The event marked the bi-millenium of the death of Augustus Caesar, often labelled Rome’s first emperor. In the time honoured tradition scholars took to debating the merits of Augustus to a full house.

Attendees included staff, students and alumni who collectively embodied the old and new in Ancient History at Macquarie. Guests included Professor Emeritus Edwin Judge, the Founding Father of Ancient History at Macquarie University and the first-ever Ancient History Honours Graduate, Ian Grady.

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