Intelligence and security studies alumna secures top consulting job


Intelligence and security studies alumna secures top consulting job

/ February 1, 2016

Macquarie’s Master of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism with the Master of International Security Studies alumna, Sarah Iannantuono recently completed her double degree and has embarked on an exciting career with KPMG.

She has secured a role at KPMG is as a consultant in the Forensic Department where she undertakes a range of duties from active investigations to digital forensics.

“Macquarie’s program is unique as it combines what other universities offer as single degrees such as counter terrorism or policing,” she says. “Therefore, you get a strong grasp of overall security issues and how to combat them.

“When I researched the professors and the industry experience they possessed, I was sold on Macquarie and the course. This was one of the best decisions of my life.”

She says that staff were heavily invested in seeing students achieve.

“As part of my course I chose to undertake an internship. The staff helped me organise a six-week internship at KPMG that turned into a ten-week internship that turned into a job once I graduated!,” she says.

She says that participating in the Global Leadership Program (GLP) was another great opportunity. “As part of the GLP I was lucky enough to go to the International Youth Leadership Conference in Prague where I met young leaders from around the world which helped increase my global network. I also got to participate in a mock International Criminal Court, a United Nations Security Council Meeting and European Parliament.”

She says that the course’s practical focus also helped prepare her for her career.

“I found the practical assignments that align with what you would be tasked to do in a practical work environment have been highly valuable since graduating.

“Initially I hoped to get practical skills that would make me desirable to future employees. I achieved that – a job upon graduating and much more!”

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Comments (3)

  1. John D Wilson

    Macquarie seems to be evolving faster than many older graduates. Congratulations on your courses and bright students.

  2. Richard Mikurumbira


    I am a Macquarie Alumni interested in the intelligence course start 2016 Semester 2 (July 2016).

    Could you provide further info regarding course, credits and fees.

    Thank you.


    Richard mukurumbira


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