Graduations 2021
Graduations 2021


Graduations 2021

May 20, 2021

Graduation ceremonies are back in 2021! Graduations are scheduled for the second of this year and will be offered to all 2020 and 2021 graduates regardless of whether you have collected your hard copy documents or not.

If you missed out on your graduation in 2020, you would have received an email from our graduations team already about our plans for the second half of the year and your interest in attending a ceremony. If you were scheduled to graduate in April 2021, you will receive an email within the next few months.

Stay up to date with the latest graduation information by checking the Graduation webpage.

If you are an international graduate we encourage you to stay connected through one of our many Alumni Networks. Wherever you are in the world you are a part of the Macquarie community.

All communications about graduations go through to you via your student email which remains active indefinitely. If you have forgotten your password, it can be reset it at or contact IT Help desk at: T: +61 (2) 9850 4357 T: 1800 67 4357 E:

You can view images of the stunning new graduation hall taken during our March graduations here. A small cohort graduated in March 2021 as a prequel to the upcoming ceremonies.

Comments (8)

  1. Mara Petrucco

    Thanks for the update but as parent very disappointed that there is still no definitive date for the 2020 students, especially as other University’s are having (and have had) graduations this first half of 2021.

  2. Alifa

    Hello, I missed my graduation photo shoot last year as well. Student number 44273614.

    Batch of 2020. Please let me know if there is any upcoming event that I can join. Urgent response appreciated.

  3. Vicki Martin

    Student 43329767.
    It will be such an honour to finally have the opportunity to graduate.
    I cannot wait.
    Kind regards


  4. Batool Pakseresht

    I also missed my graduation photo and waiting long for my ceremony. Hopefully any time soon I finally graduate after a long wait.


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