Giveaways and discounts

Giveaways and discounts

August 14, 2020


Ashley Kalagian Blunt (MRes 2017) shares the ups and downs of her quest to become Australian in her new memoir and tells us here how Macquarie helped achieve her writing success. We invite you to share your own Australian experience and win your own copy of How to be Australian. Find out how here   

OFFER NOW CLOSED Congratulations to  our winner David Bussman (MA 1999) 


Alumnus Brendan Berne (B Econ Hons 1993) is the Australian Ambassador to France, Algeria, Mauritania, and Monaco. He recently tweeted a message to Australians in France wearing his Macquarie hoodie. For your chance to get your own free hoodie, simply email us at and tell us why you want one.  (

OFFER NOW CLOSED Thank you to all you have emailed us about the hoodie giveaway. We loved reading your emails. Congratulations to Alexander Wharton (MEdLead 2017) who is the lucky winner.)

Brendan Berne MQ Hoodie

Get your exclusive 10% discount from MacShop and stock up on all your Mac merchandise from grad bears to pens, hoodies to t-shirts and much more. Use code ALUMNI820USB for your exclusive 10% off. Available to alumni only. Expiry: 31 December 2020


Simply update your details between now and 6 September 2020, including your postal address and we’ll send you your own Macquarie University Lighthouse kit.



Comments (4)

  1. Danielle Monier-Gorton

    I’d absolutely love a free hoodie!
    I completed 2 degrees at MU, and as a student, could never have afforded a hoodie! I lived at Robert Menzies College for a year, and then at Student Housing opposite Macquarie Center.
    I am proud most of all to see my daughter finish her final year in her BCom/Law, despite the limitations we are all currently facing.
    MU is a place that holds many special memories for me, not only for my education, but for the friends I met along the way and the opportunities that followed.
    I would be super proud to wear the hoodie

  2. Pamela Margaret Perrin

    Attending Macquarie Uni. from 75 to 1980 as a mature student…..I loved and enjoyed every minute of my Mac. Uni. courses. Born in 1931 – a time when girls’ education was generally considered unnecessary “you will get married”……..By accident .(a long story).. … I found myself at Hornsby Tech…..thinking enrolling for a History hobby course. Actually was H.S.C. 1974. I continued on, went with the flow, enrolling in every course I could. Realised what had been missing from my life. BORED with cards, tennis, golf. Rushed to be present at 9.00 am. After fulfilling family duties. Then, told my name in SMH, enrolled at Macquarie. So surprised… Then followed….Teaching with TAFE I did a DIP.ED . So easy with all credits from my Mac. Uni. record. So William Street H.S. Bus, ferry , tram Leaving home 7.00 am. Return at 5.00pm. from Catholic Edu. St. John the Baptist. Harbord. Rejected at Manly High without Education Department exam. (A skinny, tiny. hair plaited girl.) Found my way to William Street School….(sadly now gone).
    Examined by Education dept. before I could be enrolled, told I had passed for Sydney High.
    . By then school term had started about three weeks. Harbord distance – maybe why William Street? So happy and wonderful teachers. Told many years later by former student who went on to Sydney High only one good teacher – our former geography teacher now at Sydney High. Sorry so long Pam Wilson (Perrin)


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