Generations at Macquarie
Generations at Macquarie


Generations at Macquarie

As part of Jubilee celebrations, Macquarie has dug deep to learn more about the history not only of the University but also of the people that have brought it to life. We have discovered that for many families, studying at Macquarie has become a tradition, with children growing up with tales of their parents’ experiences, and wanting to follow in their footsteps.

Margaret Rush and her son were among the University’s first students in the 1960s – and were later followed by numerous other members of their family. Mrs Rush’s connection with the University and the opportunities it gave her and her family is so strong that she has become a patron of the John and Joan Lincoln Society and left the University a bequest in her will. Read more about her story.

Joanna Wheatley (nee Fellows)’s connection with Macquarie is extensive with six family members, and an extended network of family friends, studying at the University. Her parents met while studying education in the late 1970s, a story that was repeated for Joanna: she met her husband – then law and media student – Andrew while studying for a Bachelor in International Communications in the mid-2000s. Read more about Joanna’s family connection to Macquarie.

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Your chance to become part of history

You might not have a multi-generational connection with Macquarie but you still have the chance to leave a lasting legacy by purchasing a seat in Macquarie Theatre.

Hundreds of students wander in and out of the Theatre each week and with a donation of just $500, you will be recognised with a plaque on a seat with an inscription of your choosing. It could be a graduate gift or perhaps an opportunity to honour a family member, a classmate or a favourite lecturer. Why not join forces with your alumni year or faculty friends and place a plaque together to honour your memories at Macquarie?

There are only 450 seats on offer. Find out more, and buy a seat today. All donations of $500 or more are tax deductible.

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