Dragon footprints
Dragon footprints


Dragon footprints

The Honourable Helen Sham Ho, OAM, Macquarie University Patron, alumna, and the first Chinese-born Parliamentarian features in a new video series exploring the contributions made to multicultural Australia by Chinese Australians.

Chinese Australians have contributed to the fabric of Australian society since the early gold rush days, and their stories reflect one of Australia’s most significant and illustrious migrant groups.

Dragon Footprints explores the hardships, courage, hopes and achievements of six outstanding Chinese-Australians: Helen Sham Ho; the ‘King’ of Sydney’s Chinatown, King Fong; Homart Pharmaceuticals Managing Director, Lynn Yeh; ABC Tissue Managing Director, Henry Ngai; Yat-Sen Group Chairman, Jason Li; and the 2012 Young Australian of the Year, Marita Cheng.

The series is being shown globally in 2014 through cross-media platforms including the ABC’s international channel Australia Network, Asia Pacific Insight online, as well as on the social media outlets of YouTube and Weibo. A complete series of the DVD will also be available.

Watch Helen Sham Ho’s story or view the Dragon Footprints series online.

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