Doctorate leads to fundamental shift in thinking for business expert
Dr. K. Kayani, Doctorate in Business Admin (2015)


Doctorate leads to fundamental shift in thinking for business expert

For Dr. K. Kayani, studying for a doctorate in strategic tourism management alongside industry professionals and academics at MGSM taught him to keep striving for his goals, no matter what obstacles he encountered. He says that this has been the key to professional achievement.

Currently employed at the Commonwealth Bank Australia, Dr. Kayani also sits on the Board of technology firm Konceda Asia Pacific, and is Executive Advisor of Nicon eSolutions.

While, he had already completed two MBAs from different institutions, he says that to be truly recognised as an expert in his field, he needed a doctorate. Macquarie’s reputation for engaging and communicating with industry experts made his choice easy.

“This approach ensured that not only was I kept abreast of current research, I was also taught and surrounded by the best instructors, mentors and students.

“I also found MGSM’s research support is far superior to other universities, offering facilities that other students considers a big luxury but are standard here. The quality of the classrooms, technology and ambiance is unmatched.”

Life changing experience

Dr. Kayani’s doctorate project blended professional and academic research and has fundamentally changed his life.

“Undertaking this research completely altered my thought processes. Where previously I would focus on finishing a project, I found myself shifting to achieving excellence instead.

“Macquarie also made me a strong believer in Kaizen (continuous improvement), and to always strive to make my today better than yesterday. The same approach helped me achieve a distinction in my studies and later in professional life. In the last three years I have received six awards, all because of changing the way that I think.”

Dr. Kayani says that for anyone looking to start a PhD, he recommends first writing down all the reasons why you want to complete this degree.

“There will be times when the road ahead will look long and tiring. That is when this sheet of paper will help bring strength and determination,” he advises.

“Be sure you thoroughly understand what your supervisors have achieved and how they will be able add value to what you know.

“Finally, select a topic that fascinates you and ensure you have the support of your family as you focus on achieving one of the highest honours in education.”

He says that staying connected with the University after graduation can also have unexpected benefits.

“Macquarie is my second home, and the relationships I created over five years are enduring. They have helped me to communicate with other industry leaders and to benefit from their own educational or professional experiences.

“It is because of this that my career has started to take an even better turn than what I expected.”

Comments (7)

  1. Dr. Mark Stevenson

    Congrats Dr. Kayani. You are definitely a great source of pride for the MGSM as being the most outstanding Alumni. If you remember we met at Australian Business Conference last year. I loved and enjoyed your enthusiasm and humble attitude, also shared with many here at Melbourn Uni. Totally agree to your perfect advices and believe that a doctorate is totally different from a Masters degree, as it defines the ultimate calibre of an individual and University. Over 90% of students think that it is a bit difficult form of a Masters and soon or later realise that it is totally different and all about how analytically and critically you can think and articulate. Keep working hard and I will email you through LinkedIn as could not find your email address here.

  2. Prof. Wander S Williamson

    Macquarie is so fortunate to attract outstanding brains and students like you. Will send you a friend request through LinkedIn, please accept. Wish to share so many common stories with you.

  3. Prof. Angela Scondsor

    I vividly remember Dr. Kayani met me at Travel and Tourism conference in Dublin. I attended his presentation and highly impressed with his depth of knowledge and homework on the subject. His passion was immense and dedication unmatched. I wish him success in future.

  4. Sharon Mannino

    Congratulations Kevin, what a wonderful article showcasing your wonderful achievements and approach to life and learning. Our professional relationship commenced about 6 years ago, to then develop into a much valued personal relationship. Good luck in your future endeavours.

  5. Dr. Sanjeet Singh

    Dr. Kayani you are an inspiration for many like me. God bless you, definitely the most Outstanding Student of my University. Wish to meet you next time you visit MGSM. Please do call me on my mobile.

  6. Martin Kingley

    It was my fortune to be a part of the group that lead by Dr. Kayani. What an outstanding person and business acumen he got. I don’t think I have met more Outstanding Student of Macquarie Uni as did my Graduation, Masters from this best Uni. His biggest strength is his positive attitude triggered by positive energy and ready to do it nature. I wish him success in future.


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