China’s Rising Influence: How to Respond? panel discussion event
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China’s Rising Influence: How to Respond? panel discussion event


China’s rising influence – as an economic powerhouse, a military force, and within our societies – is increasingly felt worldwide. Concerns about Chinese “hard” and “sharp” power are on the rise as countries in Europe and the Asia-Pacific grapple with how to maintain constructive relations with China while deflecting Chinese government efforts to reshape regional security, access sensitive information, and influence elite and public opinion in favour of Chinese interests.

Macquarie University’s Department of Security Studies and Criminology (formerly Policing, Intelligence Counter Terrorism) is hosting a panel discussions and Q & A followed by networking drinks and refreshments.

When:  Wednesday 28 March 2018  (5.30pm – 8.00pm)
Where: Macquarie University City Campus  (Level 24, 123 Pitt Street, Sydney)

The panel will take stock of these developments, assess the differing responses in European and Asia-Pacific countries, and consider the implications for relations with China in the years ahead.

Panelists to include:


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