Australian Hearing Hub Open House
Australian Hearing Hub Open House


Australian Hearing Hub Open House

With one in four Australians expected to experience hearing loss by 2050, it’s never been more important to focus on hearing health. To celebrate Hearing Awareness Week, alumni and friends of the University are invited to join us at the Australian Hearing Hub Open House from 12pm – 4pm on Saturday 22 August 2015. The event aims to raise awareness on healthy hearing and the services available at the Australian Hearing Hub and includes:

  • free hearing screening tests for adults and children (booking on the day is required as there are only limited spaces available)
  • the opportunity for both adults and kids to participate in research activities
  • short talks by experts on hearing loss and advancements in hearing technology and practice, and advice on supporting children with dyslexia, language difficulties, and anxiety
  • tours of the amazing anechoic chamber
  • demonstrations on laser micromachining
  • a photographic exhibition showcasing the work of hearing health professionals in remote Aboriginal communities
  • a jumping castle and other kids’ activities

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  1. David Spurgeon

    Thank you for this news about the hearing hub. I am interested in attending and partaking in a hearing test. When you write “booking on the day is required” does that presumably mean arriving at 12 noon at the Hearing Hub House to make a booking?

    Thank you, David


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