2018 Macquarie University Alumni Awards – Matt Barrie
2018 Macquarie University Alumni Awards – Matt Barrie


2018 Macquarie University Alumni Awards – Matt Barrie


Matt Barrie embodies innovation and enterprise beyond his impressive LinkedIn profile of nearly one million followers, and talking with him reveals an interested mind and a positive, undaunted outlook.

Admitting that he never went to CEO school, Barrie clearly progressed at his own pace. Having a multifaceted approach to life, learning, technology and business, Barrie is familiar with setbacks, but not deterred by them, and he believes that “it is never too late to reinvent yourself and upskill”.

That was exactly what Barrie had in mind when he enrolled at Macquarie. Barrie was keen to improve his knowledge in finance after what he called a “dark time”; his previous enterprises hadn’t “set the world on fire”, and he was in-between jobs and looking to take time out.

Macquarie’s Master of Applied Finance was to become a piece of the intricate puzzle that makes him what he is today. During his studies, Barrie made interesting and influential connections at Macquarie. Indeed, Professor George Foster, a colleague of Director of Applied Finance Phil Dolan, became a board director of Barrie’s company for six years.

Asked what advice he would give to aspiring entrepreneurs, Barrie’s demeanour instantly lifts, his enthusiasm for sharing is palpable.

“You don’t want life to be handed to you on a platter – forge your own destiny. There is a huge amount of opportunity in the world. Go out there and seize it. Take risks and try things. Most of all, take initiative and recognise opportunities when they arise.”

Clearly, being an entrepreneur is more than a job title; it is a way of being in the world.

Matt Barrie is an award-winning entrepreneur, thought leader, speaker and influencer. He is the CEO and chairperson of Freelancer.com and has a myriad of degrees in engineering and business. He is highly regarded in the fields of entrepreneurship, economics, business and technology.

Barrie graduated from Macquarie with a Master of Applied Finance (2011).


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2018 Macquarie University Alumni Award trophies

2018 Macquarie University Alumni Award trophies

Alumni Awards

Macquarie University is extremely proud of every one of its 184,000 graduates – their achievements and their contributions in our local and global communities. Our alumni are a source of pride and motivation, and they embody the University’s association with excellence.

The Macquarie University Alumni Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of alumni. The awards provide a platform for sharing their inspirational stories with other alumni, staff, students and the wider community. We are now accepting nominations in the following award categories:

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Nominations close 31 October 2018. Nomination forms and details are available at mq.edu.au/alumni/awards

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