2018 Macquarie University Alumni Awards – Dr Andrew Scipione AO APM
2018 Macquarie University Alumni Awards – Dr Andrew Scipione AO APM


2018 Macquarie University Alumni Awards – Dr Andrew Scipione AO APM


Servant first, leader second. It may not have been the most popular leadership style, but it was a natural fit for Dr Andrew Scipione – one that he was challenged to define while studying the Master of Management at Macquarie.

Prompted to consider what underpinned his management style, Scipione says, “There are different ways of engaging people – my studies led me to a servant leadership style. I was a Christian before I was a leader, and this style of leadership was consistent with my values.”

Scipione undertook his masters as part of a development program with NSW Police – an organisation he dedicated four decades of his life to – and the congruence between his values and purpose, which is evident in both his personal and professional life, shines through his conversation.

“We are all called to be leaders”, says Scipione. “Whether that is within our families or within our professional lives, there are people who are looking to us.

It is important to be part of an ongoing commitment to excel, and this style gave me the direction to do better. And it allowed me to invest in those working alongside me so that they could achieve their best too.”

Scipione found his masters to be invaluable in his work as time went on, yet he acknowledges the huge commitment it entailed. “I couldn’t have done it without my wife and children, and I will be forever grateful to them.”

Scipione also recognises former NSW Fire and Rescue Commissioner Greg Mullins (Master of Management, 2000), with whom he has a lot in common. While he describes the award as an honour, he is quick to recognise others who, like him, have worked exceptionally hard and says this award is shared with them.

Always a humble servant.

Dr Andrew Scipione retired in 2017 after a lifetime of police service and nearly 10 years as NSW Commissioner of Police. His time as Commissioner was one of unprecedented change across police operations. His contribution was far-reaching, and his leadership style was highly respected.

Scipione graduated from Macquarie with a Master of Management (1998) and Doctor of Literature (Honoris Causa) (2013).


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2018 Macquarie University Alumni Award trophies

2018 Macquarie University Alumni Award trophies

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