2018 Macquarie University Alumni Awards – Adam Hills
2018 Macquarie University Alumni Awards – Adam Hills


2018 Macquarie University Alumni Awards – Adam Hills



Ah, Adam Hills. We all know and like this cheeky and talented comedian, but many may be surprised to learn that beneath the jokes is a sensitive soul with a humble heart.

Genuinely thrilled to receive this award from Macquarie University, Hills says, “This award means more than I can express, especially when I consider the calibre of people who have passed through Macquarie’s hallowed halls. I mean, to be thought of in the same breath as The Wiggles is high praise indeed.”

High it may be, but warranted. Described as ‘effortless’ and ‘brilliant’ by The Guardian (London), and internationally awarded for his work in arts and culture, Hills graduated from Macquarie with a Bachelor of Arts and with some “incredibly strong friendships” that are with him to this day.

“It was an excellent place to grow and learn, and from which to head out into the world.  It was a time to find out who I really was, and it gave me the confidence to try comedy.”

Hills still recalls his uni days as an “exceedingly positive experience”, an experience that has not left him. “The last time I drove past Macquarie University, it made me think how far I’d come and how much of what I’d learned there was still with me. I remember working with audio engineering tutor Dave Clark-Duff, who said he worked best when he was passionate about what he was doing. That still rings in my ears, and I always try to follow my passion.”

So, any advice for our current students? “I’d say, soak it all in. Every little drop. Because you never know which bits will be useful in the future,” says Hills.

Sound advice indeed.

Gold Logie nominated host of the hit TV series Spicks and Specks, Adam Hills has a string of international awards to his credit.

When Hills is not hosting his UK talk show, The Last Leg, he can be found globetrotting as a stand-up comedian and advocating for the rights of people with disability.

Hills graduated from Macquarie with a Bachelor of Arts (1991) majoring in Media and Communications.

Words: Megan English

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2018 Macquarie University Alumni Award trophies

2018 Macquarie University Alumni Award trophies

Alumni Awards

Macquarie University is extremely proud of every one of its 184,000 graduates – their achievements and their contributions in our local and global communities. Our alumni are a source of pride and motivation, and they embody the University’s association with excellence.

The Macquarie University Alumni Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of alumni. The awards provide a platform for sharing their inspirational stories with other alumni, staff, students and the wider community.

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