Alumni shine at Thai awards
Khun Prom presenting at the Australian Alumni Awards in Bangkok


Alumni shine at Thai awards

/ November 18, 2015

Macquarie alumnus Khun Prom was recently invited to share his experiences studying in Australia at the Australian Chamber of Commerce Alumni Awards in Bangkok.

The awards promote the value of an Australian education to Thai students and inspire young alumni to follow in the footsteps of prominent alumni who are using what they have learnt to deliver genuine change, development and real progress for Thailand and for the Australia-Thailand relationship.

“Getting an education in Australia was great not only because of great schools and great academics but because it also teaches you about life,” says Prom, who holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Accounting from Macquarie, and is Senior Vice President of Strategy at Asia Plus Group Holdings.

“With a society that is down to earth, multicultural and hardworking it gives you the absolute right mix of lifelong lessons. Now as an employer in a financial firm, I don’t only look at candidates with a great education and great academic results but I also look for candidates with well rounded life experience and a great mindset on how they see the world.

He says that he is confident that Australia is a great destination for any individual who wants to learn about life.

“Three key lessons from Australia that I still apply today are to always be optimistic and maintain a positive outlook in life, stay hungry for knowledge and be receptive to what’s going on around you, and to treat people with respect no matter who they are,” Prom says.

“Disregard the differences in race, age, gender and social class. There are various types of people in the world, all of which have different perspectives in life and all have great ideas. Listen to them. Learn from them. Be good to people and have a good heart.”

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