A family affair
A family affair


A family affair

Many families have made going to Macquarie a family affair, including the Healeys, who have all chosen to make accounting their career.

Louise Healey is currently the Strategy Manager at a global law firm, King and Wood Mallesons, based in London. She completed her Bachelor of Commerce at Macquarie in 2001.

“My father (Michael), brother (Edward), and sister (Sarah) also graduated from Macquarie University at various times,” she says.

“We’re all ‘Mac Uni’ through and through and speak very highly of our time there. I was even the Mac Alpine treasurer during my time,” she continues, adding that her father went on to become CFO and COO of a number of global organisations, her brother the Financial Controller of Luna Park and sister the COO of an Australian company with operations in the UK.

“I would say we have all done fairly well, due in no small part to the education we received at Macquarie.”

She says that at every stage of her career her grounding in accounting and economics has stood her in good stead.

“Being financially literate opens doors to many career options, not necessarily linked to accounting or typical finance positions. While I began my career as an auditor I have also successfully worked in marketing, client account management and general business.

Louise says she chose Macquarie because it is considered the best university in Sydney to study accounting and economics.

“I also liked the idea that my father went there, and he only had good things to say. I remember it was a tough decision at the time because all my friends were going to other universities but I am very grateful that I chose to attend Macquarie.”

Louise thinks that word of mouth recommendations are one of the reasons that multiple members of a family study at Macquarie.

“Word of mouth recommendations speak volumes. They are the best type of review and mean people can feel safe and secure that their choice will be right for them.”

Did your family study at Macquarie too? Share your story with us: alumni@mq.edu.au.

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