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Tuesday 28 July --

We arrived off Newcastle between 2 and 3 o'clock this morning and lay-to the rest of the Night, Newcastle Light being in sight. At 7 a.m. Capt. Wallis the Commandant came off to us, with the Pilot and several Boats, the Brig being then about Four miles off from the Entrance of the Harbour; blowing directly out of it, and a heavy sea running.

At 8 a.m. our own Barge being hoisted out, we embarked in her to go on shore as the Brig could not go in till the afternoon Tide of Flood makes. -- We landed at Newcastle at 9 o'clock, and were most kindly and Hospitably received by Capt. Wallis, who had an excellent Breakfast prepared for us. -- After Breakfast, we walked about the Town and viewed some of the New Buildings now in progress. -- Dined between 4 & 5 o'clock and went to Bed at an early Hour. The Elizabeth Henrietta came to anchor in the Harbour at 4 p.m. ---

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