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Wednesday 29. July !

Wishing to explore some parts of the Interior, and the three principal Branches of Hunter's River, arrangements were made for that purpose, and at 11 a.m. I set out in my own Barge attended by Capt. Wallis, Capt. Antill, Mr. Meehan, Lt. Macquarie & Ensn. Roberts, accompanied by 5 other Boats having our Provisions Tents & Baggage on board, with 52 attendants of all descriptions - four of whom were musicians and formed our little Band. Mrs. Macquarie not feeling herself sufficiently strong for undertaking so fatiguing a Tour, remained at the settlement with our dear Boy Lachlan -- and the Revd. Mr. Cowper. The sight of our six Boats so well manned with the Band Playing, and the Brigs Eliz:-Henrietta and Lady Nelson saluting had a very fine and gratifying effect. ---

At 4 p.m Landed on Raymond Terrace close to the entrance of the First Branch and encamped there for the Night; this first stage being about 20 miles from Newcastle. A number of Fires were made immediately -- the Night being very cold. -- We dined at 6 o'clock on a very good Dinner and went early to Bed. There was a very severe hard Frost during the Night.

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