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Lachlan Macquarie:

Journal to and from Newcastle.
27 July 1818 - 9 August 1818
Records the account of the voyage to Newcastle on board the brig Elizabeth Henrietta to determine the resources and state of the settlement, and to explore the three branches of the Hunter River. The commandant at Newcastle was Captain James Wallis (46th Regiment).

The members of the tour of inspection included Lachlan and Elizabeth Macquarie (their three-year old son, Lachlan); personal servants, a large number of colonial officials, and a military escort. Named individuals in the Journal include: Rev. William Cowper, Major Henry Antill, Lieut. Hector Macquarie, Surveyor James Meehan, Ensign Charles Roberts, and Serjeant Charles Whalan (and his young son Charles, who came as a playmate to Lachlan, Jnr.).

Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
[ML Ref A781]

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