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Sydney, Monday 27th. July 1818.

Embarked on board the Government Brig Elizabeth-Henrietta commanded by Mr. David Smith at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, under a Salute from the Battery; our Party on board consisting of Mrs. Macquarie and our dear Lachlan, Revd. Mr. Cowper, Major Antill, Lieut. Macquarie, Ensn. Roberts, Mr. Meehan, Serjt. Whalan & his son Charles, and Female (Mary Rouse) and four male Servants ( Joseph [,] Butcher, Jack Moore, & the cook) and Six Sailors as a Crew for my Barge -- which I have taken with me on board the Elizabeth Henrietta. -- At 4 p.m. we made sail down the Harbour and cleared the Heads of Port Jackson by 5 p.m -- the wind being quite fair and blowing a smart Breeze. ---

We dined at 5 p.m -- but some of our Party were already Sea-Sick, particularly poor Mr. Cowper. ---

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