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Elizabeth Macquarie:
Voyage from England to Australia in 1809:

Elizabeth Macquarie's Journal.
15 May - 25 December 1809

Records an account by Elizabeth Macquarie of the voyage from St. Helens, England to Port Jackson, New South Wales (via Madeira, Rio de Janeiro and Cape Town) on board the naval storeship Dromedary, accompanied by the man-of-war H.M.S. Hindostan.

Also travelling on the Dromedary with the Macquaries were their servants George Jarvis (Indian-born manservant), Robert Fopp (butler), Joseph Bigg (coachman), Mrs. Ovens (cook), Mrs. Jones (waiting woman for Elizabeth Macquarie)) Deputy Judge-Advocate Ellis Bent (and his wife and son), Captain Henry Colden Antill, Ensign Alexander Huey, Ensign John Maclaine (Elizabeth Macquarie's nephew), as well as other officers and rank and file of the 73rd. Regiment, and 136 women and children.

The Dromedary was commanded by Samuel Pritchard (Master), with a crew of 102 sailors.

Original held in Mitchell Library, Sydney.
[ML Ref: C126]

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